Trump Lied About Income

The bombastic Republican presidential candidate said on Monday night that his FEC filing showed income of $694 million for the past year. It doesn’t, because in the document he freely mixed revenue with income, and it covers a period of 17 months.

This Fifth Avenue glass skyscraper signaled Trump’s arrival as a proper Manhattan mogul. But the contractor he hired in 1980 to demolish the existing Bonwit Teller department store allegedly used a small army of undocumented Polish laborers, who were paid off the books when paid at all, to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trump spent years in court battling a ruling that he was involved in the scheme before reaching a confidential settlement in 1999. He still denies wrongdoing. 

Trump bought two buildings overlooking Central Park in 1981, hoping to demolish them to make way for a new skyscraper. But first he had to get rid of dozens of rent-controlled tenants in Trump Parc East (the other was a hotel). According to court filings, residents claimed Trump let the building fall into disrepair. He even publicly offered to house the city’s homeless in the vacant units. Tenants sued for harassment and claimed the place was uninhabitable. Trump disagreed, saying that he cut back on high-end services that the low rents couldn’t cover.