Jon Stewart Talks With Obama For One Last Time

I must be having a lousy Saturday. I can't believe I just watched one full hour of Donald Trump. I had to take two doses of Jon Stewart before I could attempt such a thing.

I will tell you this. He must have a great set of advisors. There are things money can't buy, but apparently great advisors are not among them. Trump came across as well briefed. They told him, "Remember, just tell them We Need A Strong Military, and that will knock the wind out of them, they will not ask you any intelligent questions after that."

Finally a real Republican showed up. The guy is a billionaire capable of hiding his history of bankruptcies.

"I love Mexicans, just not in Nevada." His idea of a soundbite?

You can hire actors in Arkansas? I was not aware.

And he compares himself to Babe Ruth?

When did he become "pro-life?" That thing about advisors money can buy.

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