Druk Libra, High Five

I am sure that is what they call Drinking Liberally in some language somewhere Justin Krebs, Katrina, Josh, David and Amanda and others are not aware of.

At the fundraiser (Drinking Liberally, 2nd Annual Fundraiser, Chinatown), it occurred to me for the first time that I am in the presence of greatness: this guy Justin Krebs is going to be Time magazine's one of the most influential people in America.

Over the past weeks I have thought, his first big money will be made when he gets a book offer, some publisher giving him an advance to write his story, and the story of his organization. Then what's next? Your own TV show? He could start on that one right away: a Living Liberally videoblog.

Got to meet Justin's father for the first time. "Hi, I am Justin's father." I met the mother at the fundraiser. They must be a pretty liberal family, I am guessing.

I am more used to people trying to impress me by saying "Hi, I am a friend of Justin."

When Justin Krebs hugs a woman, he is saying hello. It is sign language.

After one of those he said, "I dated a girl for eight months last year." As in, don't be getting ideas now. Seeing is not believing. Pay attention to what I say.

It was amazing to meet people who hosted Drinking Liberally far, far away. There was the Reading, PA, guy.

"You look like Owen Wilson."

"I get that a lot," he said.

There were people from the Carolinas, and some Des Moines, IA, people. Amanda hosts the Drinking Liberally in Des Moines. There is Justin, there is Josh, and there is Amanda: three people on the organization's payroll.

When Amanda told me about her, I am like, that makes you a celebrity, I want my picture taken with you. She gave her camera to someone else. I thought I looked outright ugly in the shot.

Chapters in all 50 states: achieved. Now the goal is to have chapters in every congressional district.

This particular organization feels like a startup.

Happy 5th Birthday, Drinking Liberally. Building the progressive movement one pitcher at a time.

I have met Justin Krebs a few times. I have a feeling he might be a Liberal.

Justin also mentioned David Alpert quit his Google job in the city and moved to DC. His blog Greater Greater Washington was recently featured in the Washington Post. A side of David I did not know. I only knew him as the Google and the Drinking Liberally guy.

I think these two guys are plotting to take over the NYC-DC corridor.

Justin said David's newest post was about this cab driver in DC who gave him a hard time, but the cab driver did not know who he was dealing with, so he called the Commissioner of cab something this or that on him.

Tanya said Anthony Weiner has an Indian girlfriend. I think that makes for a qualified mayoral candidate.

Drinking Liberally, 2nd Annual Fundraiser, Chinatown
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