Da WhaD Is Da Pasta

Da whad dat pasta thingie? Da whad is da pasta?

Is your pasta speak for you? So when your pasta speaks it is like you speaks? Izza that whad? Da what is?

Do pasta speak no his own mind or no? No? Pasta speak your mind for you? Izz that wha?

So when your pasta caught cold, you suppozed to sneeze and freeze? Is da who?

Are you supposed do be tight with ya pasta? Like real tight? Da what?

So when you become famous and your pasta don't know how to be famous, and he clams up, is your poll numba supposed go down?

Are white people supposed to like your pasta? Are white people supposed to like your hair? What if da your hair is curly and all? Can white people just move on without liking your hair? Or does it get mumbo jumbo?

Da whad is da pasta?

Da whad? Da who?

Who deez white peoplez? You know?

In The News

Tuesday's primaries are 'game changers,' Clinton says Los Angeles Times Polls show a tightening race in North Carolina and Indiana ..... his efforts to battle through "an awful lot of noise" ..... Both Clinton and McCain are calling for a summer suspension of the 18.4-cent federal gas tax - an idea widely criticized by economists - and Obama said today they are both "reading from the same political playbook" and offering voters "a gimmick." ..... "tougher than a lighter knot ..... A lighter knot is a tree that has survived a forest fire. ...... former Democratic National Committee Chairman Joe Andrew switched his support from Clinton to Obama, another former DNC chairman, Paul G. Kirk, also announced his support for Obama
Obama faces race issue in fight for support in small Indiana towns The Canadian Press diversity-challenged Indiana town. ..... The Klu Klux Klan was once a dominant force in Indiana. ...... Martinsville, a town of 12,000 still remembered for the horrific racial killing of a young black woman in 1968 ..... a red-brick courthouse where the last Klan rally was held in the 1960s. ..... "His pastor said it right - he'll say whatever he has to say to get votes." ..... A barrage of new polls since Wright unleashed a theatrical tirade last Monday - and an angry Obama denounced him in a bid to limit the damage - suggest rival Hillary Clinton is gaining some momentum in Indiana. ...... Obama's substantial lead in North Carolina, also voting Tuesday, seems to be shrinking. He has lost some ground in national surveys too. ...... He is still picking up superdelegates - elected Democrats and party leaders whose backing is essential to win the nomination - at a steady clip. ........ that Obama is a Harvard-educated elitist with little understanding of life in places like Martinsville. ...... "I've not heard anybody say anything about race," says policeman Gary Wagner. "It's the war and gas, the war and gas." ........ Bluffton, like dozens of other Indiana towns, once warned blacks to be indoors by nightfall or gone from town altogether after spending the day working as porters and waiters. ....... "sundown towns" - no blacks after dark ..... the legacy hasn't been eradicated although there has been progress.
Polls Show Obama Struggling to ‘Close the Deal’ FOXNews Clinton, still numerically outmatched when it comes to delegates won, is experiencing a surge in North Carolina and Indiana ........ Obama with a 7-point lead in North Carolina ..... her up by 6 points in the state. ...... voters weren’t accepting Obama’s moves this week to denounce his former pastor ...... The six contests that will remain after Tuesday each offer fewer than 60 delegates, and individually are unlikely to have a big impact on the dynamic of the race. ....... In the past two months, Obama has whittled Clinton’s superdelegate lead by half. Clinton holds a 20-superdelegate lead, 268 to 248. ....... He said he planned to call all the other superdelegates he knows and encourage them to back Obama. .... Obama’s clear and compelling message, which appeals to our best instincts as Americans, is more important than ever
Obama: Rev. Wright isn't running, I am Chicago Tribune sought Wednesday to regain control of his campaign narrative ...... "I think it's offensive and outrageous," the former first lady said in a Fox News interview with Bill O'Reilly. ..... "I sure don't believe the United States government was behind AIDS." ...... "I'm the cynic in the family. This is the hope guy," she said. "I've spent my life trying to convince him not to be a politician. It's like teach, write, sing, dance. I don't care what you do. Just don't do this. These people are mean." ...... Obama said his statement against Wright was "hard to make" ...... "It is true that part of the job when you're running for president is that anybody who is tangentially, you know, even remotely, associated with you is somehow fair game." ...... Since early March, Obama has easily led her in new support among party leaders and elected officials.
Clinton, in Her Element Washington Post Rallies. Town hall meetings. Small gatherings. Rope lines. Local interviews. Network heavies. Hotel arrivals after midnight. It is an endless rotation, repeated over and over and over again. ...... she will not yield until she is finally defeated. ...... Clinton has found a home -- and a potentially receptive audience -- among rural Democrats. The rural strategy worked to precision in Ohio, where she swept virtually everything outside the big cities. Her Indiana and North Carolina schedules reflect the same approach. Small towns. Middle-class and working-class. Older voters. Women. ........ Clinton attacks the rope line with more gusto than her husband, who invented the genre in modern campaigns. Methodically moving along the metal security barriers, she signs endless autographs on everything imaginable -- placards, scraps of paper, photos, books. "Ha Ha! Hillary," she scrawled in large letters on the T-shirt of one young man in Terre Haute. ...... posed endlessly for photos. ...... The rope line in Terre Haute late Thursday was dominated by women of all ages, who are as passionate in their support of Clinton ....... Clinton makes clear every day she intends to run the race to the finish line.
Does Clinton Have To Win North Carolina, Too? Atlantic Online Since Pennsylvania, Obama has won the support of twice as many superdelegates ...... In the kaleidoscopic psychologies of uncommitted superdelegates, a skepticism about Hillary Clinton seems to weigh more heavily than her data-driven arguments. .... the undeclared superdelegates -- have too much information about the consequences of their actions ...... He'll end the primary season just about 80 votes short of securing the nomination. It is much easier to get a third of the remaining superdelegates than it is to get two thirds of them.
Former Democratic Party Leader Paul Kirk Backs Obama (Update1) Bloomberg
Clinton May Be Hopeful, but Obama Rolls On New York Times his toughest month of this campaign ........ the Obama campaign is rolling along, leaving Mrs. Clinton with dwindling options. ...... Obama continues to pick up the support of superdelegates — elected Democrats and party leaders — at a quicker pace than Mrs. Clinton. ...... They suggest that they are more sympathetic to the argument that they should follow the will of the voters as expressed by the delegates amassed by the candidates when the primary season is done ...... She has waged a spirited and focused campaign in the past month, a period in which Mr. Obama has at times seemed to lose energy. ....... if Mrs. Clinton won 55 percent of the remaining pledged delegates — an assumption he called “overly generous” — she would still need about two-thirds of the remaining uncommitted superdelegates to reach the 2,025 delegates needed ....... an increasing anxiousness among superdelegates to bring the nomination fight to a conclusion.
Democratic Superdelegate Explains Switch From Clinton to Obama FOXNews he's trying to bring a new politics, a new attitude to this process. ...... we don't have to play their game at all. We can be principled, we can talk about complicated issues and get a good solution and not pander." ........ I, first up, disagree we should even have superdelegates. ..... we ought to just have primaries and whoever gets the most votes ought to win ...... Barack Obama is the Bill Clinton of 2008
Clinton not backing away from gas tax holiday Boston Globe

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Polls: Clinton pulls even with Obama nationally The Associated Press Obama had a 10-percentage point lead over Clinton in March. ..... more inspiring, honest and down-to-earth ..... a drop in the 12-point advantage Obama had over McCain in March. ..... Obama's narrow March lead in this poll has dwindled to a tie, though he still has a 20-percentage-point margin when Democrats are asked who they think will win the party's nomination. About six in 10 say the controversial comments by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's former pastor, have not affected their opinion of Obama, while about a quarter say it has made them think less of the candidate.
CNN poll: Obama losing support CNN
National Poll Shows Clinton Almost Pulling Even With Obama FOXNews
Polls: Clinton pulls even with Obama nationally The Associated Press
Obama-Wright rift reveals divided loyalties in black church
The Associated Press
Wright’s words hurt Obama’s image Christian Science Monitor This time Wright openly embraced Louis Farrakhan, a man the majority of Americans find distasteful. Wright also showed a penchant for far-out conspiracy theories when he said he believed that the US government spread AIDS to attack African-Americans. ...... The Obama campaign seemed to sense something was different about Wright’s latest remarks. This time Obama’s reaction was more forceful. He said the pastor’s remarks were “divisive and destructive” and they offended him. On Wednesday, his wife appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” to address the issue. ....... heard people use the word “political” to describe Obama, and believes it started after Wright called Obama a “politician” who “says what he has to say.” ....... “I believe Wright is hurting his chances. I’ve spoken to a few folks who do not understand what Wright’s motive is in getting in the mix again.” ........ We all have a lot of friends that say stupid things
Obama was right over Wright - Jackson Reuters
Obama tries to minimize damage caused by pastor's comments
National Post Rev. Wright once claimed AIDS was a racist government plot and suggested after the Sept.11 attacks in 2001 that black citizens sing "God Damn America" to protest their treatment by whites. ...... 51% of Democratic voters believe Mr. Obama will be the party's standard-bearer in November's elections against the Republican's apparent nominee John McCain -- down 18 points from a month ago. ...... The most recent cover of Newsweek equated Mr. Obama with a bunch of arugula, supposedly the favourite edible leaf of the metropolitan elite, while Ms. Clinton is a pint of beer. ....... "The irony is that I think it is fair to say that both Michelle and I grew up in much less privileged circumstances than either of my two other potential opponents."
Clyburn Blasts Wright for 'Knee-Capping' Obama Washington Post "I have a daughter the same age as Barack Obama," said Clyburn, the most senior African American in Congress. "I've tried to provide shoulders for her to stand on. And I was absolutely saddened when it became clear to me Rev. Wright, rather than providing a shoulder for his parishioner to stand on, was engaged in some kind of knee-capping operation. That's not the kind of anatomical analogy we ought to be involved in." ....... "Just because one sets out to do damage doesn't mean it will be successful," Clyburn said. "I don't think it was successful."
Democratic Chief Under Bill Clinton Backs Obama New York Times
Obama, Clinton Spin Past Each Other Atlantic Online
Clinton Paints Herself as the "Everyday American"
Clinton stands by gas tax proposal MSNBC