We Can Put Hillary On The Ticket, But What Are We Going To Do With Bill Clinton?

Houston, there is a problem.

Bill Clinton is Michael Jordan, he is one of those guys. The difference is Jordan worked his magic with his limbs, but Bill Clinton's brain is his limb. The brain is one organ that does not age. It stays with you all the way to death.

Crunch the numbers. This is a middle aged man. He is not a Senior yet. He has at least one vigorous decade ahead of him.

Early on in the race I tried to argue Bill Clinton was a liability to Hillary, but I never believed it. This guy is an asset to the progressive cause worldwide.

So what are we going to do about him? One thing, do not attempt the Al Gore thing. It is not possible to hide this guy. If you try to hide him, the people will focus all their attention on the bulge. What is that?

He is going to be a campaign asset to the Obama-Clinton ticket.

But what I am more interested in is the after. What after victory?

Bill Clinton is a complex man. Send him to the most complex part of the world. Tell him to go finish his job on Palestine. Creating a Palestine that is a vibrant, modern democracy will go a long way in earning true security for Israel. Only a total spread of democracy in the Arab world will earn Israel the security it deserves. The Jewish people do not get to blame the Arabs for the Holocaust or the anti-Semitism in the west, but democracy is the answer in the hood.

After he creates Palestine, give him a Nobel.


Vigilante said…
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