Black Anger Does Not Surprise, Bother Me, Absence Of Black Anger Would

Slavery was and is something to be angry about. Segregation was and is something to be angry about. Persistent racism was and is something to be angry about. Like Mahatma Gandhi said, I'd rather people engaged in nonviolent action to seek liberation, but if it is between violence and apathy, I'd rather they took violent action for liberation.

This Jeremiah Wright dude is totally nonthreatening. He could not swat a fly if he wanted to. That is what I see on his face. This dude is harmless. From day one I have been amazed with the reaction to Wright. I have watched bemused. He just spoke a few angry words. It is not like he tried to incite violence, or even political action.

Church is where black people gather. And they need an outlet to vent anger. If it is the emotion of anger that disqualifies someone, Bill Clinton is the most disqualified person in America. That guy is prone to intense outbursts of anger on a daily basis. He gets red and blue. He never had a staffer he did not yell at. Wright never got that angry. So it can not be that the emotion of anger is what is illegitimate.

So what are you saying? The reason Wright got angry is what bothers you? How do you propose he react to his personal experiences in segregation and continued racism? Is he supposed to give you a Kodak smile in response? Racism is something to be angry about.

There are legitimate and illegitimate ways to express anger. Violence is not legitimate. Verbal expression is legitimate. Wright engaged in verbal expression. His words circulating in YouTube videos were recorded when noone, not even Barack knew Barack was going to run for president. And from what I gather, such outbursts are the norm rather than the exception in black churches. Is it news to white people that black people are angry?

But I must admit Wright's choice of words are kind of sort of unsavory for a mass audience. But you are taking it out of context. Wright never imagined the mass attention that his words have been getting. The guy is a deer in the headlights. He is like, holy. He is a little confused. Barack gave a speech saying he does not intend to disown Wright, but Wright misunderstood and thought Barack is giving him the shaft. That is someone confused with the mass attention. He is not used to being famous. Noone really is. To be associated with a president to be is quite a challenging proposition.

Black anger is no surprise as long as racism is persistent like it is today. But we can debate about:
  1. Legitimate expressions of anger at racism.
  2. Ways to end racism.
You can't be like but, da, why are you even angry in the first place? That has been white America's reaction. Too many whities want a symbolic black guy in the White House. They don't want to have to do the hard work of confronting racism in their hearts, minds and institutions.

Suddenly you have Karl Rove jumping up and down the street. I never believed you, Karl, when you said you were retiring. You got out of the White House so you could dip into the 2008 drama. Looks like race is one of your favorite topics to talk about. Mine too. I think we are going to have a blast, between you and me.

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Drew said…
There is a movement within the United Church of Christ to get Jeremiah Wright elected General Minister and President. See
Anonymous said…
Baruch Osama does not believe what Rubberend Jerry Meyer Wright says. But his fatty can polish handler wants you to believe such things because it helps achieve their fatima mission.