Processing The Holocaust Pain

This is a sensitive topic. But it happened. And it still is a major source of pain. We treat childhood trauma. Can the Holocaust pain also be processed? I almost mean to ask a medical question. The Jewish collective memory goes back thousands of years. They go back far like the Chinese. Something that happened a little over half a century ago must feel like yesterday to the collective Jewish psyche if only because they have a rich history going back thousands of years.

Because New York City means so much to me personally, I have come to visit and revisit this question of the Jewish identity. If I am going to love New York City, I might as well love all of it.

How do you process the pain? Do you process the pain? Is the pain there? I can't imagine the pain not being there. The Holocaust must feel like an emotional cliff. If you are Jewish, and you go down the memory lane a few decades, you fall off the cliff. People who connected you with the deeper past were massively gone. Had they disappeared any other way, the cliff would still have been there. But you know what happened. So there is the cliff, and there is the pain.

If it bothers you in a fundamental way, you got to deal with the pain. How do you process the pain?

What happened, how you felt, what happened, how you felt, what happened, how you felt?

Because it is a collective sort of pain, the therapy also has to be collective. It is not designed to erase the memory of the crime, or to say you will not feel pain. The memory will always be there, the pain at some level will always be there. But that pain does not have to be debilitating. If it is, you got to process the pain.

(1) Learn as many details as you can about the crime. Read, watch.
(2) Express the rage. Talk, shout, yell, cry, hug.

I have to talk about something as graphic as the Holocaust. I have selfish reasons to do so. Because then I have to go on and draw attention to the Global South as is. I would not use the term Holocaust. A deliberate, sophisticated state machinery carried it out. But there is an ongoing "Holocaust" going on in the Global South. Deaths to stupid violence, petty disease are staggering in number. But it is not state, rather the absence of state that has people dying like flies. And the process of curing will be slow. It takes time to bring democracy into a country, to build a state, to create wealth.

We already know what to do. We have to go and do it. The internet makes it possible for people anywhere to collaborate and contribute to people in the far corners of the earth. The internet speeds up the process. If it were not for the internet, I would feel too guilty to stick around in New York City.

You create political space. You create wealth.

Not Going To Ohio

Going To Ohio

I have not heard anything yet from campaignvol -at- dl21c -dot- org so I guess I am not going. Looks like they are not big on cash. Or the bus filled up. Or whatever.

I guess I might try hard and hop on one of the other buses, there are so many groups going, but I will pass. This was going to be retail politics. The minor logistics were getting at me. Socks? How many?

Somebody needs to stay back and monitor the national situation online for Barack. That would be me.
Obama calls for a cool-down Los Angeles Times, USA Cleveland, where the biggest storm of the winter is forecast to dump 8 inches of snow on the city.
The Real Super Tuesday

Tuesday, March 4
7:00 pm
Super Tuesday II: Ohio/Texas Primary Returns Party
Tonic Bar & Lounge - Times Square
727 Seventh Avenue (at 49th Street)

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