Tracey Denton, Al Benninghoff


Downtown Forum: Candidates for Assembly & State Senate - DFNYC & MYD
Generation Obama Reception

Tracey Denton

Hello Tracey. It was so good to see you again after long. Quite an event you put together. Sorry I could not stay the entire time. I would very much have liked to. I had to leave at 2:30 to be some place at 3:00: the Columbus Circle Whole Foods.

I landed on NYC, DFNYC landed on me. A Deaniac is about to take over the White House so soon after Dean's floundering. Who could have thought?

I was impressed to see you were capturing the event on video. I hope you put the video out on Google Video for the world to see. It has confounded me for years now as to why the progressive organizations in the progressive capital of the world don't realize that they have a global audience out there for them. All events need to be videoblogged.

Just between you and me I have to admit that I have always been slightly uncomfortable around Dan Jacoby. He has always come across to me as someone who might once have been friends with Al Capone.

I like strong women. I have a thing for strong women. I think strong women are going to change the world. But they are going to have to, they will take over first.

Give me your friendship: I am going to do wonderful things for the women of the world. And I encourage you to invest in the round one of my startup. When I first made the offer, you could have come in at 2K. Now the minimum is 5K. Yes, my startup is doing well. Will grow your mo like crazy. I doubt you will come across a better investment opportunity for the rest of your life.

Kudos for the ornate venue for the event. It felt like I was in Europe somewhere. I have never been there, but you get ideas online.

Hello is to Howard Dean next time you see him.

Tracey Denton Of DFNYC

Al Benninghoff

Al. It is hard for anyone to fill Kristina Hoke's shoes, but I think you are doing a good job.

From you I learned for the first time that Dan Berger of DL21C had orchestrated an online campaign a month ago to get people to unfriend me on Facebook. That guy is out of his depth. I don't give a fuck about Charlie Rangel, do you? I am for a new, positive black identity. Barack is my kind of a black guy. Well, DL21C has 600 members on Facebook, I personally have 1200 friends on Facebook.

Thanks for saying I was welcome to come to all MYD events. I would like to come to as many as I can, time permitting. I have been to many when Kristina was running the show.
On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 1:10 PM, Paramendra Bhagat wrote:
> Dan Berger. I am busy forging a progressive coalition in the city that
> will go all the way to the White House. You don't want to work for
> Charlie Rangel forever. You want to work for me in a few years. For
> now give me a conversation, will you? How about Sunday?
> Let's do the progressive thing. Let's talk.

DFNYC and MYD coming together is massive polarization in the city's progressive community. This is what DL21C gets for treating me like I were Salman Rushdie.

Caputo: Some Untold Details

Half the time I have not known if she was talking to me or reading my face.

"You should run." I just found a guy who thinks I should run for office.

"We just met." She said that after I stopped walking behind her as if to say, I need to go now.

"I don't give out my number" might have been her way of saying, you look pissed that I did not give you my number over email.

"I have not liked you before." That might have been to say Paramendra Bhagat has not liked me before. For the first time I am feeling like he really really likes me.

I said, well, I am emailing you because I thought you were looking great yesterday. She did write back a little later. She said to not send personal emails to her work email address. I asked if she had another email address. She sent me her AOL email address immediately.

I said you owe me a conversation. "What is your number?" she asked. She was reading my mind again. Your saying you want to talk to me is really you asking me for my number.

"Don't touch me!" was the I-am-going-to-become-Condi-Rice threat. That was in response to an email I had sent her that she misunderstood as me saying, please don't hit on me.

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