It Is About The House, Not The White House

I never doubted Barack Obama would win re-election. For me, all along, it has been about the House, and not the White House. Barack Obama's goal in November is to win back the House. That is what this is about.

Why the House Matters
Mitt Romney has truly become his own worst enemy .... The US Senate looks poised to stay in Democratic control because of a crop of unusually strong Democratic challengers. ..... Democrats have a 74% chance of taking back the House. .... Republicans who know that they could lose control of all branches of government ..... how the last two years have played out. Jobs Bill -- no votes in the House. Affordable Care Act -- the House voted 33 times to repeal ..... While the public views inefficacy in Congress with disdain, the Republican leadership sees it as an accomplishment .... Electing President Obama and defending a Democratically controlled Senate is no small feat, but to truly move this country forward we have to do more. ..... We need 25 seats to take control of the House, and we have dozens of progressives running to make sure we have a shot. ..... the knock out currently happening in Florida
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