Barack In Town With South Asians For Obama: March 27

Facebook Email: March 17

Join Senator Obama in NYC - March 27 (New York, NY)
Thursday, March 27th, 11:30am at One Madison Ave.
You have been invited by Hrishi Karthikeyan (NYU).

Event Info
Join Senator Obama in NYC - March 27
Time and Place
Thursday, March 27, 2008
11:30am - 1:00pm
One Madison Ave.
(b/w 23rd and 24th Streets)
New York, NY

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Pakistan's new leaders face tough issues
Christian Science Monitor PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari, widower of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, is weighing whether he should take the job. .... its people, who want negotiation with Taliban fighters, against the pressures of the United States, which wants greater military action.
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Superdelegate watch: 3 states are key for Hillary Clinton Los Angeles Times three states: New York (which she represents as a U.S. senator), Arkansas (where her husband reigned for so long as the preeminent political figure) and California (where over the years both Clintons cultivated strong bonds among Democratic officials). ..... Clinton is backed by 246, Obama by 199.5, with 349.5 still up for grabs. .... Clinton's 46.5 superdelegate edge, not surprisingly, is based first and foremost on the institutional support she enjoys in New York.
Dalai Lama Calls for International Probe Into Tibet Protests Voice of America The Dalai Lama, who fled Tibet after the failed 1959 uprising against Chinese rule, has likened the protests in Tibet to a "people's movement". ..... the Dalai Lama said he would not order an end to the demonstrations. ...... Tibetan exile communities in India and Nepal organized more protests Monday

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Obama, Clinton nomination war turns ugly
The delegate fight: Trench warfare time MSNBC Remember the World War I trench warfare that never moved the lines? ..... So on June 3, when South Dakota and Montana end the current voting calendar, the contours of the race aren't likely to be much different from what they are today. ..... the historic Texas turnout, which was perhaps the nation's largest caucus ever. With about 41 percent of precinct caucuses reported, rival Barack Obama was ahead with 56 percent to Clinton's 44 percent ..... Most estimates give Obama an edge in the Texas caucuses, and when combined with the results of the Texas primary, would give Obama a net of anywhere from 5-9 delegates.
Giuliani as a runningmate? News 10 Now

Obama picks up 14 more delegates Baltimore Sun Obama grabbed nine delegates in Iowa as the majority of John Edwards' delegates were awarded to him. And late Saturday night, he added five delegates in California. ...... If you take what happened in Mississippi and Wyoming, he won more net delegates in those two races than Senator Clinton did in Ohio and Texas combined ...... Tim Russert quoted Clinton saying in October about Michigan: "You know, it's clear, this election they are having in Michigan is not going to count for anything."