Global Trafficking Of Women

We talk of global warming, and terrorism, and nuclear proliferation, and the energy crisis. And they have to be talked about. They are all challenges that no one country no matter how mighty can meet and the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. But we have to talk of the global trafficking of women in the same breath. Lincoln liberated the black slaves, who will liberate trafficked women? It can be argued these trafficked women fare much worse than those slaves. Which is worse? Being forced to pick cotton or raped daily while being held in bondage? Women get trafficked like they were so much cocaine.

Just like Palestine is the sore thumb to the goal of peace in the Middle East, I think the global women's rights movement needs to pick this issue of the global trafficking of women as its rallying cry. It should be picked up with the same fervor as the pro-choice movement in America.

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