Declaring Satyagraha On The DL21C White Establishment

Declaring Satyagraha On The DL21C White Establishment
Barack In Town With South Asians For Obama: March 27

I have decided to show up for all DL21C events. If I am told by a DL21C officer that I may not go in, I will not go in. If in, if I am asked by a DL21C officer to leave, I am going to leave. But I am going to show up for the next event all over again.

There have been a few times in the past when Elizabeth has acted like she likes me. Nothing wrong with that. There have been times in the past when I have acted like I like her: she is just amazing as a person, and one of the most amazing political talents I ever met in a few different countries, in many age groups. But if she does not like me today, and regrets ever having acted like she likes me, the point is taken. To suggest I am not capable of taking that basic point is to accuse me of petty sexism. Every white guy who shows up at these DL21C events is at least five times more sexist than me. They do not get offended by social and work settings that are overwhelmingly male. I do, all the way to the paddy fields of India. Most of them end up with dry mouths when having to discuss issues in gender. I relish discussing race and gender and seek out opportunities to do so. I have yet to meet a female feminist who will outdo me in terms of my progressive policy positions on gender. (Looking For 10 Ninja Women) I mean, I am for total gender equality. I mean mathematical equality, dry ice equality.

New York City is 60% nonwhite, and DL21C is the premier political organization of young progressives in the city. But 98% of the people who show up for DL21C events tend to be white. So instead of making me feel unwelcome, DL21C should offer free beer to all black, brown and yellow people who show up until the ratio hits 50:50. What do you do with the membership money anyway? I mean, every time I show up for a DL21C event, I feel like I represent at least two different outer boroughs. I end up feeling like a major league elected official. As in, here I come DL21C.

I have actively mattered to the peace process to end a decade long civil war in a country with as many people as California minus the physical and communication infrastructure and with the largest, most ultra left, armed group on the planet since the end of the Cold War. The method - Web 2.0 - is as much news as the substance of the work I have done. Is there anyone else who shows up for DL21C events who can make a similar claim? (Madhesi Movement Victory In Nepal) I am also Obama 2008's self-proclaimed national shadow Campaign Manager. Why only in the audience, I qualify to be a guest speaker.

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There is nothing quite like DL21C events in this city. If you are hard core political like I am, DL21C is nicotine. You got to get your fix.

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Monday, March 17

7:00 pm

A Conversation with Valerie Plame Wilson,

former CIA Agent,

discussing her recent book,
Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House

Spy Club

17 W 19th St
New York, NY 10011
(212) 352-2001
Books available for purchase and signing on site
Free for non-members; $7/non-members

Please RSVP!

Thursday, March 27

8:00 pm

Women's Issues Committee Meeting:
Monthly Issues Chat

Location TBD.

Please RSVP!

Tuesday, April 1

7:00 pm

Superdelegates: A Foolish or Smart Solution to the Democratic Nomination Battle?
Location TBD

Please RSVP!

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Message To Dan Jacoby Sent Over Facebook Email

I hereby forgive you for your "you should instead work in the porn movies" comment when I was talking to a young woman European journalist at a DFNYC monthly mixer that you made by barging into our conversation and made her feel very bad and out of place. Let's become Facebook friends.

A Conversation with Valerie Plame Wilson Tomorrow, March 17 at 7:00pm