Elephant In The Room: Gender

The number one issue in this election right now is not Iraq, it is not health care. It is gender. Hillary leads among women 2-1. Obama is going to have to compete on gender. How do you do that? You take it head on.

Obama took Hillary head on on Iraq and she has faltered. Hillary voted for the war. Now she is saying Bush and his associates told her they were going to use the vote to send in UN inspectors, not to wage war. Now that is what I call a serious lapse of judgment. Hillary must be faulted for believing Bush and his associates. How do you know Bush is lying? His lips are moving.

Obama took Hillary head on on health care and she faltered. She says she needs eight years. Obama says four. Eight is not going to fly. That is too long of a wait. If you can't do it in four, you can't do it in eight. And if you can do it in eight, you can do it in four. It is not about having more time. It is about having the guts to take on the skewed forces at work in the sector.

Obama took Hillary head on on foreign policy and she faltered.

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Hillary can be taken and had head on also on gender. If she can be engaged in a policy debate on gender, she is going to come across as yet another Indira Gandhi, yet another Benazir Bhutto, strong, smart women who do good work more or less in an executive position, but who don't budge the gender compass much.

Obama 2008's pitch has to be this: if you want symbolic progress on gender, you go with Hillary, if you want substantive progress on gender, you come with me.

And my message is not to the candidate and his professional staff, although that it is. My message is primarily to the grassroots volunteers. This has to be bottom up. This is the only way to bring about positive change on gender as on much everything else.

The Grassroots Power Woman

Gender has to be talked about. Workplace issues and relationship issues have to be talked about. The grassroots power women of Obama 2008 are the ones who will take gender dynamic to a whole new level. It will not be Hillary.

Obama 2008 has to be ready to give everything to women including the vice presidency to Hillary.

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