Nobel Peace Prize 2008: Making A Case For Nepal

I am not a blogger, I am not a journalist. I am a digital democrat, a political activist. My work has been political. I have not reported, I have intervened. I am a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008. I will share it with Prachanda, Girija Koirala, and Upendra Yadav. Nepal, more than any country on earth, is in a position to help ensure a total spread of democracy. The prize would not only be a reward for work already done, but it also would bring spotlight on the country that can be an inspiration to the peoples not yet free. In Nepal we have invented a formula for launching democracy into a country and we would like to share.

Not Journalism But Politics At The Speed Of Thought
"Robin Hood Im Internet"
Nepal Vista Site Of The Month
BBC Calls
Madhu Acharya Of Asia Calling: The Need For A Truth Commission
The Virus Of The April Revolution
My Role In The April Revolution: The Butterfly Effect
The First Major Revolution Of The 21st Century Happened In Nepal
Spread Democracy
Madhesi Movement Victory In Nepal

Major Turning Points In The Peace Process

(1) The Royal Coup

That brought the seven parties in the country together.

Democrats, Imagine The Worst From Monarchists/Maoists
Phone Interview With Rajendra Mahato
Finally The Democrats Make Sense
Email From Arzu Rana Deuba

(2) Eight Party Alliance

Much homework had to be done to bring the seven parties and the Maoists together. It was a long time after the coup that the NC and the UML finally agreed to the idea of a constituent assembly. If they had not agreed to it, there would have been no alliance with the Maoists. If there had been no alliance, there would have been no April Revolution.

Remember when Prachanda had Baburam arrested? If it were not for Baburam, an eight party alliance would not have been possible. He is a thinking as opposed to a dogmatic communist.

I played a role in the formation of the eight party alliance. Girija was not for it, Prachanda was not for it, Moriarty opposed it tooth and nail to the end.

Forming the eight party alliance was the hardest part of the entire peace process.

Sought eDialogue with Dr. Baburam Bhattarai
Ideological Overture To The Nepali Maoists
Ideological Overture To The Nepali Maoists (2)
Time For The Nepali Congress To Take A Stand On The Constituent Assembly Question
Baburam Bhattarai On A Democratic Republic
Doing Business With Baburam Bhattarai
To: Prachanda, Baburam, Mahara, Badal And The Rest Of The Maoist Leadership
Nepal Communist Party (Progressive)
The Monarchists, Not The Maoists, Are Like The Al Qaeda
Koirala Is Out: Expect Some Action
Koirala Disappoints: He Is The Same Worn Out Record
Phone Marathon: Called Up Delhi
Phone Marathon II
This Inadequate, Improper, Insufficient 1990 Constitution
How To Move Towards A Common Minimum Program?
The Seven Dwarfs
Baburam: Prachanda's Best Bet, Litmust Test, And Only Option
The Maoists Have Been Reading My Emails, Blog Entries
Phone Talk With Hridayesh Tripathy
Democratic Solidarity With The Nepali Congress
Baburam Bhattarai Press Statement
Common Minimum Program: Constituent Assembly
Prachanda Press Statement
Rabindra Mishra, An Unprofessional, Disrespectful Journalist
The Maoists And The Democrats Giving The King Veto Power
Power Does Not Necessarily Flow Through The Barrel Of A Gun: Maoists
The Hardliner Democrat Approach
Girija Koirala, Bamdev Gautam In Delhi
Seeking Common Ground
Constituent Assembly Will Still Be A Lot Of Work In The Form Of Political Dialogue
For Democrats Reinventing Self More Important Than Any Alliance With Maoists
Make It Official: International Conference In Delhi
Getting Interviewed By A Cornell University Student
INSN And Samudaya Blocked In Nepal (not my blog though)
Nepali Congress Slumber Party
From Li Onesto
Democrats, Drop Your Buckets
Seize The Moment: Match The Maoists
Political And Military Stalemate: Democrats Stand To Tip The Balance
Possible Framework For A Maoist-Democrat Alliance
No, Ambassador, Municipality Polls Are Not An Option
Girijaspeak: When Republicans Are Royalists
The Two Extremes
The Democrats
Logic For The Maoists
You Can Always Trust The Democrats To Be About Two Months Behind Schedule
5 Steps
Dialogue Is The Democratic Way
NC, UML And A Democratic Republic
Major Fermentations In The NC And The UML
Nepali Congress Goes The UML Route, Almost
Dialogue Is Give And Take
Democrats Rebuff Maoists And Monarchists
To: Dr. Baburam Bhattarai
To Trust Or Not To Trust The Maoists
Caution: Alliance Approaching
Alliance Of Steel
Options For The Maoists And The Democrats
For The First Time In A Decade, Permanent Peace Feels Possible
Madhav Nepal, Commander Of The Movement
The Foreign Powers Need To Come Clean On The Constituent Assembly Question
Indian Support For Democrat-Maoist Alliance A Must
The Ball Might Finally Be Rolling In
Moriarty's Irresponsible Mainstream
Prachanda Audio Interview, A First
The 12 Point Agreement Succeeds The 4 Point Program
ICG Report On The New Alliance
10 Point Agreement To Succeed 12 Point Agreement
India, Europe, US For A Constituent Assembly
Baburam Moriarty Debate
Moriarty In The Soup
Even If The Worst Fears About The Maoists Are True
Moriarty Was Wrong On The 12 Point Agreement

(3) Maoist Ceasefire

The king was foolish in not responding to the Maoist ceasefire during the last months of 2005. But then feudals act in feudal ways.

Prachanda, Order Your Cadres To Live
Is Prachanda For Real?
What Is Prachanda Doing?
After Ganapathy, A Ceasefire
RNA, Declare Your Own Ceasefire, You Have No Choice
Prachanda, Do Not Break The Ceasefire
Irresponsible Response To Ceasefire
The King, The Army, The Ceasefire
The Maoist Ceasefire: The Devil In The Details
The Maoists Could Do More
The Onus Is On The King
A Question For Mahara
Militarists Attempting A Doramba Repeat To End Ceasefire
Militarists, Maoists, Monotones, Dorambaites, Naxalites
Homework For Another Round Of Civil War
The Maoists Need To Come Clean Or They Go Down With The King
The Army Rank And File Need To Be For The People And Democracy
INSEC Report: One Month Of Ceasefire
Prachanda, Extend The Ceasefire By Three Months
Robert Kaplan Is An American Cowboy
Why The Maoists Should Not Go Back To Violence
A Militarist King And A Wasted Ceasefire
Why The Maoists Should Cease Violence

(4) April Revolution

This was one for world history.

eDemocracy, 4S Campaign, 24/7 Vigil For Democracy: Take Over Tundikhel
The King Will Only Respond To Internal Pressure
Streets Filling Up For The First Time
Streets Filling Up
A King Who Intends To Stay The Course
Monsoon Break
Major Student Protests
Regime Bent On Repression
Project Take Over Tundikhel: Draft 1
The Movement Has Been Gathering Much Momentum
Email From Charlie Szrom
Email To Charlie Szrom
Renaming The Blog In Honor Of Gagan's Release
5 Steps To Democracy
The Nepali Rasputins Want A Revolution
Physical Abuse Of Peaceful Protestors
100,000 Unarmed Maoist Cadres
Municipal Polls Or Mass Protests
Timi Sadak Ma Utreko Dekheko Chhu
The King Is Intent On Visiting France And Russia
The King's February 2006, April 2007 Offensive
Assault On Kantipur FM: The Regime Preparing For A Showdown
A Plant Looking At An Animal
Maoist, Moriarty, Madhav, Manmohan: Get Behind The 3 Point Program
Pyramid Of 10 In Kathmandu
Lilamani Pokharel For Continuous Movement
January 12 Janakpur, January 20 Kathmandu
20,000 And 100,000 And Clarity
Maoists Should Go Beyond Ceasefire To Peaceful Mobilization
Isolating The Monarchy
The King Is Being Super Unreasonable
Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests
Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests
Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests
Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests Protests
King Gyanendra, Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way
Forget Constituent Assembly, Head Straight For A Republic
Janakpur Rally, Biggest In Nepal Since 1990
RPP Split Shows Monarchy Will End
Baburam Bhattarai May Not Preach Violence To The Seven Party Alliance
प्रहार गरिहालौं
Verdict: Loss Of Crown, Property And Liberty For Gyanendra Shaha
देशव्यापी पम्फलेटिङ
Curfews Will Not Save The Crown
Curfew? What Curfew? Royal Tamasha
Mero Sansar Video Clips 2
Repressive Measures Intensify In Nepal Against Democratic Movement
Umesh Shrestha: Pioneer
डा बाबुराम भट्टराईलाई शान्तिको सन्देश
How The Blogosphere Can Help The Democracy Movement In Nepal
Bloody Hell
Blogger Receives Death Threat, Bloggers Form Union
अहिंसाका प्रश्न
Non-Violence All The Way
A Democratic Roadmap That Does Not Rely On The King
Mero Sansar Video Clips 3
The King Is Nowhere Close To Seeing The Light
Mero Sansar Video Clips 4
Undeclared Ceasefire, Decisive Movement
Democracy Spreading Mechanism
Kamal Thapa Is A Nazi
यो सडक ितम्र्ो हो
April 6,7,8,9, April 16,17,18,19, April 26,27,28,29
Final Act: Disobey The Curfew
The Fascists In Kathmandu
April Revolution: Document Every Atrocity
The Police, The Army Need To Stop Following Illegitimate Orders
Crime, Organized Crime, Terrorism, State Terrorism
Shoot At Sight Order: Dead End For The King
Interim Constitution, Revolutionary Parliament
Mero Sansar Video Clips 5
ये तो क्रान्ित है
Malaria, Polio, Monarchy
Nepali Congress Or Praja Parishad
Zero Tolerance Policy Towards Monarchy
UN Rally
Hamro Nepal, Latest
Brian Cobb, Brave Man
Get The Police On Our Side
Gongabu Massacre
Baburam Bhattarai: Lokatantric Ganatantra Ko Prasab Bedana
क्रान्ितलाई नबुझ्नु, बुझ पचाउनु
Monarchy's End: A Few Scenarios
Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, Irrelevant
End Of Ceausescu
Mero Sansar Video Clips 6
The Art Of War, Bruce Lee
जाउलो खाएर क्रान्ित गर
April 20: March Onto The Palace, End The Monarchy
Why The International Community Needs To Get Behind This Revolution
कर्फ्यु तोड्न आह्वान गर्नेले
King Of India
Nepal Has Hit The World Headlines
18 Days Of April Revolution: Victory
ितमीले देखाइ िदयौ
Mero Sansar Video Clips 7

Maoist Reaction To Democratic Victory: Not Right
Declare Constituent Assembly On First Day Of Parliament
Army Under Parliament, Now
Reciprocate The Maoist Ceasefire Immediately
The Revolution Is Very Much On
Undercurrents Of A Counter-Revolution
We Took Care Of The King, Pyar Jung Is Small Fry
Land Reform, Truth And Reconciliation
UN Mediation Is Key
Revolution Has Moved From Sadak To Sansad, It Has Not Stopped
Pyar Jung's Toys
Bidya Bhandari: Power Woman
Exporting Revolution
Bodyguards For Prachanda And Baburam
Girija Koirala: Not In Tune With The April Revolution
Involve The UN In The Peace Process
Okay For Maoists To Join Government Before Arms Management
Rubbing The Maoist Nose In The Dust Is Not Smart
Two Armies: What To Do
New Triangle: Maoists, Seven Parties, Civil Society
Interim Monarchy, Interim Army, Interim Parliament
Arms Management: Break It Down Into Smaller Pieces
How To Avoid An October Revolution
Hamas, Hezbollah, Maoist
100,000 Maoist Militia Must Disarm
Deciding Now On Monarchy And Army
The Maoists Have A Right To Peaceful Assembly, Peacefully Protest
Need To Revive The 12 Point Agreement Spirit
No To Royal Dictatorship, No To Maoist Dictatorship
Girija Prachanda Brinkmanship
Parallel Governments Of Maoists And Moriarty
Nepal In 2006 Is Not Russia In 1917
If The Monarch Gets Restive, Dump Him Now
Three Emerging Poles
Televise The Summit Talks
The Summit Talks Will Succeed
Summit Talks And Obstinate Congressias
Summit Talks And Maoist Nonsense
Summit Talks: Four Heads Talking
Maoist Transformation From Parallel State To Political Party: An Essential Precondition
Playing Hardball With The Maoists: Negotiating From A Position Of Strength
The Maoists And The Mafia
Nepali Congress Needs A Convention
Why Prachanda Wants Girija To Lead The Interim Government
Defense And Home Stay With The Congress
If Congress Does Not Go For Republic, Left Front Will Win
Prachanda's Shiva Sena
Interim Speaker: Chitra Lekha Yadav
Transparent Party Finances: A Must In Interim Constitution
Mainstreaming The Maoists: Various Scenarios

(5) Madhesi Revolution I

The April Revolution on its own was incomplete. Two more chapters had to be added to it.

Tibetans And Madhesis
Pradip Giri: DaMaJaMa
Madhesi Rights: Abhi Nahin To Kabhi Nahin
Madhesi Hum Lenge Sau Mein Pachas
Nepal's Terai People In Deplorable Conditions: Mahto
Sadbhavana Meets In Janakpur
In The Quest For Social Justice Feelings Are Going To Get Hurt
Time For Madhesi Militancy Is Now
PCP: Pahadi Chauvinist Pig
अइ आन्दोलनमें मधेशी अधिकारके बात
मधेशी पहचान
मधेशी अधिकारको कुरामा पहाडीहरुको सहभागीता
Govind Shah: Social Inclusion Of Madheshi Community In Nation Building
हृदयेश त्रिपाठी: मधेसी समस्या र राज्यको पुनर्संरचना
First ANTA NYC Event, Times Square Marriott
Aire Gaire Natthu Khaire Pahadis
My Most Controversial Blog Post To Date: On Madhesi Issue
Madhesi Rights: Total Equality
To: The Kathmandu Media
No Short Cuts: Madhesis Will Have To March
मधेशीसँग संख्या छ, शिक्त छैन
June 7 Madhesi Rally In Janakpur
Bahun, Chhetri, Sunni
UML Inching Towards Federalism
Frustration, Chemical Imbalance, Mental Imbalance
Madhesi Gathering Photos
Madhesi Gathering Photos 2
June 17 Madhesi Gathering In New York City
Madhesis, Social Justice, And The DaMaJaMa Equation In Nepal
Why It Is Important To Me The Congress Takes Up A Federal Republic
Janajati Angst
RPP For Federalism Ahead of UML, NC And NC(D)
Why Were The Women Beat Up?
In Solidarity With The Kamaiya Movement
Andolan Again
Stop Arresting The Disabled
Girija, Resign
Hindi Is At The Core Of The Madhesi Identity
Madhesi Caucus In Interim Parliament Needed
Dr. Ram Prakash Yadav: Facts And Figures On Madhesi Marginalization
Mainstream Jay Krishna Goit Also
Federal Republic Guaranteed
Janakpur Gherao
Global Federation Of Indigenous People Of Nepal
Language Policy
Bindeshwar Prasad Yadav: Is Madhes A Colony?
Madhesi Mahila (MaMa) Gathering In Ridgewood, NY
Hari Bansh Jha: Inclusion Of The Excluded Madhesis
Madhesi Self Hate
Dalit Diaspora Calls For 20 Percent Reservation
Bindeshwar Prasad Yadav: Prachanda On Madhesi
Citizenship Acquiring Process Eased
ANTA NYC Gathering In Prospect Park
Hands Off The Madhesi Activists
Rajendra Mahto: नागरिकता विधेयक खोतल्दा
Janajati, Madhesi: Too Vague, Dalit: Not Assertive Enough
Madhesi Rights
DaMaJaMa Coalition: The Morcha Concept
Loktantrik Madhesi Samaj: Corrections To Interim Constitution
Email To All Madhesis From Rajendra Mahto
UML Regression On The Madhesi Question
िगिरजा, माधव, प्रचण्ड सब एक जैसे हैं
Madhesi Movement: Online Resources
Language Policy And University Of Pennsylvania
Tackling Bahunbaad

राजतन्त्र, बाहुनवाद र भर्ष्टाचार समाप्त पारौं
राजतन्त्र, बाहुनवाद र भर्ष्टाचार समाप्त पारौं
SEBS Online Forum: Hate Speech On Madhesi Issue
पहाडी मधेशी दंगा, मधेशी जनजाित गठबंधन, र िनर्णायक, अिहंसात्मक अन्ितम अान्दोलनको खाँचो
सद्भावना रोडम्याप
नेपालमा दमजम अान्दोलनको अावश्यकता
िफर से कह दो एक बार इन्िकलाब
Madhesi Alert, Nepalgunj Pahadi Attack On Madhesi, Raw Email, Video Footage
Talk With Goit For The Same Reason We Talked With Maoists
Prabasi Madhesi Are With The Madhesi Movement In Nepal
Madhesi Gathering, New Jersey
Mihir Thakur: Paper On Madhesh Samasya 2051
Ram Manohar Sah: Madheshi Murmurings
Anand Jha: Slugging It Out At SEBS
New Jersey Madhesi Gathering: Photos
Girija Koirala Is A Crook
मधेश जल रही है
बराबर जनसंख्याबाला २०५ सीट
Madhesi Movement: Write To The Media
Look Who Is Talking
Madhesi Movement Is April Revolution Part 2
8 Parties Need To Declare 205 Constituencies Of Equal Population
शान्ित वार्ता क्या, िवजय घोषणा करो
Madhesh Is Burning
Brikhesh Chandra Lal: Who Will Take Responsibility?
Stop Shooting, Give Concession Speech, Calm Down The Streets
Girija, Give A Speech Like Gyane Did In April
Why Are The Pahadis Quiet?
Ram Sah, Ratan Jha, Lalit Jha, Pramod Kantha: Madhesi Diaspora, Pahadi Diaspora
डटे रहो
Feedback, NSU, USA Canada Chapter Press Release
Stop The Shooting, Give The Speech
ANTA Press Release: Stop The State Terror
Need For A Mahila Movement
Anand Jha: Raising Dust At SEBS
Gagan Thapa On The Terai
The Ball Is In Girija's Court: A Response To Pramod Kantha
Madhesi Movement Invites The Dalit, The Janajati, The Mahila
Kamal Thapa Should Be Arrested, But Not For The Madhesi Movement
माघे क्रान्ित, राजावादी र िहन्दु कट्टरपन्थीबारे
Hamro Nepal Press Release: Only A Political Outlet To The Madhesi Movement
सरिता गिरी: अशान्त मधेस, नया नेपाल
Inbox 2
Dragonfly Without A Wing Loses Hearing Capacity
The Movement Will Not Stop, It Will Go To Step 2
Girija Koirala: Address To The Nation: Madhesi Movement Partial Victory
सत्ताधारी सात पहाडी पार्टीको घैंटोमा अझै घाम लागेको छैन
Inbox 3
Inbox 4
Inbox 5
Gyane In April: 3 Speeches, Girija In Magh: How Many?
Action Plan: 5 + 5
Butchers, Stop The Killing, You Will Get Tried
Pahadi Bias Colors Global Media
Inbox 6
Sukhdev Shah: Terai’s Fate—Looking Within!
King's 3 Years, Girija's 3 Years: Not Happening
Nonviolent Madhesi Movement For Equality Or Violent Ethnic Riot
Compromise: Add 45 Constituencies To The Terai
Girija Has Proven To Be A Cruel Joke Upon Nepal
The Accurately Named Krishna Pahadi
Inbox 7
Inbox 8
Maoist Wet Dream
February 10: New School: Nepal In Transition: The Terai Question
Sitaula Resign, Koirala Declare Madhesh State, Now
What Is Wrong With NDYCUSA?
Inbox 9
Inbox 10
माघे क्रान्ित
Rajendra Mahto Live: Registering Dissent On Interim Constitution, January 15
Inbox 11
Open Letter To Surendra Devkota, Shiva Gautam
Guiding The Madhesi Movement
Proportional Representation Might Work With DaMaJa Reservations
Inbox 12
Anand Jha's Fight At SEBS
Dhruba Adhikary: Your Typical Pahadi Liar
Paudel Bahun Is Lying
Madhesi Movement: Intensifying The Protest
The Army Is Going To Stay Out Of This
Preeti Koirala And Mainstream Pahadi Prejudice
Stage Two, Stage Three
Inbox 13
Prachanda's Schizophrenia
Why Krishna Sitaula Has To Go
Braindead Girija: The UML Needs To Walk Out Of This Government
Protests Will Continue, Big Time
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 3
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat 2
Photos From Janakpur: Santosh Bhagat
Inbox 14
Pankaj Karna: Awakening Of Madhesh
Brikhesh Chandra Lal: Meaning Of Inclusive Democracy
समानता अौर अिधकार पर्याप्त नहीं हैं, हमें तो शक्ित चािहए
49% Seats For Terai In Constituent Assembly Is A Fair Deal
िवजयकी सुगन्ध अा रही है
Inbox 15
Bipin Shah: Belated But Popular "Madhesi Revolt"
How Not To Get Back Onto The Streets
The New School Event: Madhesi Question: Photos 2
The New School Event: Madhesi Question: Photos
The New School Event: My Speech To Be Delivered
NYC Nepali Are Madhesi, Powerless
The Ghost Called ND Forum
38 Martyrs = Go, Krishna Sitaula, Go
NYC Gremlins
Krishna Sitaula Not Going Risks Everything
B. K. Rana And The Madhesi Janajati Question
Anand Jha At SEBS: Loha Lohe Ko Katta Hai
Madhesi Legal Defense Fund, Madhesi Aawaz, Madhesi Movement II
Ram Sah: Concern Over State Excesses, And Diaspora Politics
Kiran Sitoula Is A Short, Fat Idiot
Sucheta Pyakurel's False Claim To Women's Rights
Madhesh State Now
Royalist, Hindu Supremacist, Violent, Anything But A Madhesi Movement
Bindeshwar Prasad Yadav: True Integration Of Nepal
Madhesi, Prepare For The Second, Final Wave
Press Release: Canada Forum For Nepal
Madhesi Alliance: Panch Pandav: Federal Republic, Madhesh State, Nonviolence
Upendra Yadav Interview
चुनावी जंग
Of Hindu Supremacists And Muslim Martyrs
Krishna Sitaula's Resignation: Why It Is Important
Nepal Sarkar Needs To Set Up A Tribunal
Bahun Federalism Is No Federalism At All
Ram Manohar Sah: Himalayan Double Standard
अगर सडक पर िफर से उतडनी पडी तो
Two Things To Do To Prevent April Kranti III
Paramendra Mention In Nepali Times By Kashish
Janakpur Madhesis Demand Federal Republic Nepal
िगिरजाको कुर्सी से हटा दो, सेरेमोिनयल बना दो
A Nepali Diaspora Milestone
माअोवादी तानाशाही मुर्दाबाद
Arato: Well Meaning But Away From Ground Realities
Eighth State: Khasan
Nepalgunj II: This Is A Repeat
पुरे देशको प्यारालाइज कर दो
Why Will Girija Not Seek A Common Sense Solution?
Inbox 18
Inbox 17
Inbox 16
Madhesi Janajati Kranti: A Few Scenarios
Madhesi Janajati Kranti: Confusion, Clarity
Ensuring Ethnic And Gender Representation In The Constituent Assembly
Madhesi Janajati Kranti: Victory Scenarios
Girija Bahun Baje Dumbass
Should The MJF Indefinite Strike Continue? Yes
Brikhesh Chandra Lal: Suspicion Emanating From The Message
The Economist: Nepal's Ethnic Politics: The New Battlefront
MJF And NEFIN Must Become Political Parties
5 Point Demand: Compromise Formula So Elections Can Be Held In June
Further Compromise: Mixed Election With Reservations
Yubraj Acharya, Alok Bohra And Other Idiot Bahuns
Sadist Koirala, Kans Sitaula, Pol Pot Prachanda
A Federal Republic Electoral Alliance Against The Maoists Needed
Krishna Sitaula: Appeaser, Not Peacemaker
New MJF Strategy: Hit The State, Not The People
Upendra Yadav: Madhesi Martin Luther King
It Is Tough For The Madhesi
MPRF: A Few Scenarios
No Guns, Explosives, Weapons Outside Cantonments
Dipendra Jha: The Real Picture Of The Madhesi Movement
What Girija Could Have Done
Joint Movement
Mainstreaming Maoist Tendencies In The Madhesh

Upendra Yadav Was In Town
Upendra Yadav: Five Hours Of Video

(6) Madhesi Revolution II

Banning MPRF: Not An Option
ज्वाला, गोइत, टाइगर और कोबराको चुनाव क्यों लडना चािहए
Mathura Shrestha: Liar
मैले पिरकल्पना गरेको मधेश राज्य
एक मधेशी पार्टी
Mayawati Has Lessons For Madhesi, Janajati, Dalit, Mahila
Girija Will Kill Another 40,000 Nepalis
Bimalendra Nidhi And Friends
Nepali Times Poll: A Lot Of Room For New Parties
जनजाित र दिलतले पार्टी नखोल्नु मानिसक दासता हो
Nepal Weekly: Front Cover Story On Madhesi
ICG: Nepal's Troubled Terai Region
Violence Is No Solution In the Terai
Rajendra Mahto In Town
Rajendra Mahto: Three Hours Of Video
एक मधेश एक प्रदेश
Talk To Goit
Ridiculous Bahun Poudel
Tehelka: Madhesi
Madhesi Alliance Needed
Pahadi Prejudice
Upendra Yadav Book 2
Upendra Yadav Book 1
मधेशी मोर्चाके िलए फर्मुला
महेन्द्र, वीरेन्द्र र प्रचण्डका सीडीअो अञ्चलाधीशहरू
Best Possible Scenario: How It Could Unfold
No Point Talking, Got To Get Down To Protests
Issues Of Madhesh
Madhesi Movement Against Khas Chauvinism
पहाडी बाहुन सुजीत ढकाल
Goal Has To Be To Stay As One Country
उपेन्द्र यादव: सरकार र फोरमबीच सम्झौता
The Madhesi MPs And The Idea Of A New Party
तराई बन्द नहीं संगठन िवस्तार किरए
जयप्रकाश गुप्ता: मधेस आन्दोलनका आग्रह
The MJF Must Stay Intact
The MJF Dispute: Got To Seek Middle Ground
No To Terrorism: Terai Army Is A Criminal Outfit
The Madhesi Cause Is On Fire: Put Out The Fire
To Do List For Sadbhavana And MJF
My Idea Of A Madhesi Gathering
Congratulations To Rajendra Mahto
Madhesi Movement: Delicate Turn
The Animals Of The Kapilvastu Riots
न्यु यर्कका पहिरयाहरू
The Symbolism Of Girija Giving Mahto's Ministry To Kans Sitaula
Pradip Nepal: Pahadi Tiger
पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचन अौर एक मधेश एक प्रदेशका नारा पर्याप्त है
पाखेले मिदसे भन्छ, नेपालीले मधेशी भन्न िसक्छ
पुर्ण समानुपाितक िनर्वाचनकालािग मधेशी, जनजाित, दिलतले अान्दोलन गर्नुपर्छ
पहाडी पार्टी काँग्रेसने मधेशीयो के साथ बेइमानी करनेका िनर्णय कर िलया है
िगिरजाले अप्िरल क्रान्ितको श्रेय िलन िमल्दैन
संिवधान सभामें मधेशी मोर्चाका रोल
मधेशी मोर्चाका िनर्माण अौर तराई खुला रखनेकी रणनीित
अन्धेर नगरी चौपट िगिरजा
परमेन्द्र भगत पत्रकार?
Rajendra Mahto's Proposed Madhesi Front
िफरसे मधेशी क्रान्ित?
िवश्वको राजधानीको िमनी नेपालमा अलोकतान्त्िरक, अपारदर्शी राजनीित
मधेशी मोर्चाको िनर्माण िबना मधेश राज्य संभव छैन
माअोवादीको माफीया चालढाल
चक्रव्यूहमा मधेसी नेता
हृदयेश त्रिपाठी: चक्रव्यूहमा मधेस
चार राज्य: कोशी, गण्डकी, कर्णाली, मधेस
बन्दुकधारी मधेसी पार्टीहरूसँग गफ गर्न १० मिहना िढला भइसक्यो
एक मधेस एक प्रदेशकालािग चािहने मोर्चा
पहाडी नेताहरूले मधेशी अान्दोलनबारे बुझ पचाउन खोज्ने दुष्प्रयास
मधेशी अान्दोलनमा अझै पिन अिनश्चय
िनर्वाचन प्रक्िरया बारे बखेडा
Hridayesh Tripathi Kantipur Interview
नेपालमा ४०% मधेशी, मधेशमा ४०% पहाडी
राजेन्द्र महतोसँग बेइमानी भएको छ
माधव नेपालको तालु, प्रचण्डको तालु, िगिरजाको तालु
मधेशी अान्दोलनले छलाङ मारेको छ
माअोवादीले मधेशी अान्दोलनसँग फेिर िनहुँ खोज्न थालेको छ

मधेसी पार्टीले सीट तालमेल नगरेको राम्रै हो
मधेशी पार्टीले तराईका दिलत र मिहलालाई िचनेनन्
पाँच बुँदा, पाँच चुनाव
मधेसी मोर्चालाई सत्तामा पुर्याउने तिरका
मधेसी अान्दोलनले अब चुनाव िजतेर देखाउनुप्रछ
िगिरजा नेपाललाई स्री लंका बनाउन चाहन्छ
Compromise हुन सक्छ
िगिरजाले संघीय सरकार के हो भन्ने कुरा नबुझेको हुनुपर्छ
माअोवादीको गणतन्त्रको माग जस्तै हो मधेस राज्यको माग

(7) Constituent Assembly Elections

Twice postponed, finally when it happened, peace was institutionalized.

Political Synthesis Nepali Style
The Next Revolution Will Be At The Ballot Box
My Work In The Ideas Department Is Complete
Prachanda: Frank Or Scary?
Prachanda: Not In Tune With The April Revolution
Hisila Yami For President
Goal Is Ideological Fusion, Not Mainstreaming Maoists
Youth Communist League: Prachanda's Brown Shirts
Maoist Money: Number One Threat To Free, Fair, Fearless Elections
Democratizing Political Parties
Peace Process At Risk
Ian Martin: James Bond Of The UN Peacemaking Ambitions
ICG Report On Madman Prachanda
Madman Prachanda, Hindenburg Girija
The YCL Is Not A State Organ And May Not Act Like It
No To Royal Dictatorship, No To Maoist Dictatorship, No To Mafia Dictatorship
Moriarty Worried So People Like Me Did Not Have To
ICG: Nepal's Fragile Peace Process
Political Deadlock And New Middle Ground: Published By
Bidya Bhandari, Prabhakar, Sunday, 2:30 PM, Nepal Japan Restaurant
माअोवादीलाई Triangulate गर्नुपर्ने भएको छ

Prachanda Gets To Be Nepal's First President
Permutations And Combinations
ICG: Nepal's Election And Beyond

पाँच बुँदा, पाँच चुनाव

Saturday, April 12, 2008, 5 PM: A look at the possible standing of the parties in the Madhesh

Observations: The MJF is poised to become the largest party in the Madhesh. Either the Maoists or the NC will emerge the second largest. If the NC becomes third largest, that will be quite a slide for a party that had such a large presence in the Madhesh before. The UML will be fourth largest. The TMDP will be fifth largest. Rajendra Mahto's Sadbhavana will bag a few seats.

The MJF stands to become the fourth largest party in the country after the Maoists, the NC and the UML. It stands to rule the future Terai state just like the Maoists are currently poised to rule Nepal.

Smaller parties that did not do well will lose ground further. They might lose their cadres to the bigger parties, namely the big two winners, the Maoists and the MJF.

The two big winners of this election: the Maoists and the MJF.

The biggest winner: the Maoists, across the country. It has been a sweep.

Total number of constituencies looked at: 55
MJF: 16
Maoists: 13
NC: 13
UML: 10

Banke-1 Maoists leading
Banke-2 MJF leading
Banke-3 MJF leading
Banke-4 Maoists leading

Bara-1 NC leading
Bara-2 NC leading
Bara-3 MJF leading
Bara-4 UML leading

Danusha-1 Maoists leading
Danusha-2 NC leading
Danusha-3 NC leading
Danusha-4 MJF leading
Danusha-5 Maoists leading
Danusha-6 Maoists leading
Danusha-7 UML leading

Kalipbastu-1 UML leading
Kalipbastu-2 Maoists leading
Kalipbastu-3 TMDP leading
Kalipbastu-4 MJF leading
Kalipbastu-5 TMDP leading

Morang-1 NC leading
Morang-2 Maoists leading
Morang-3 NC leading
Morang-4 NC leading
Morang-5 MJF leading
Morang-6 MJF leading
Morang-7 MJF leading
Morang-8 UML leading
Morang-9 Maoists leading

Nawalparasi-1 NC leading
Nawalparasi-4 Maoists leading
Nawalparasi-5 Maoists leading
Nawalparasi-6 NC leading

Parsa-1 MJF leading
Parsa-2 UML leading
Parsa-3 NC leading
Parsa-4 NC leading

Rautahat-1 Maoists leading
Rautahat-6 TMDP leading

Rupandehi-1 UML leading
Rupandehi-2 MJF leading
Rupandehi-3 NC leading
Rupandehi-4 UML leading
Rupandehi-5 Maoists leading
Rupandehi-6 MJF leading
Rupandehi-7 UML leading

Siraha-1 NC leading
Siraha-4 MJF leading
Siraha-6 MJF leading

Sunsari-1 Maoists leading
Sunsari-2 UML leading
Sunsari-3 MJF leading
Sunsari-4 MJF leading
Sunsari-5 MJF leading
Sunsari-6 UML leading

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Devendra Raj Panday, Sunday, December 10, 7 PM, Satya Narayan Mandir
Dr. Brian Cobb: Jubilee Member Of Hamro Nepal
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Rhoderick Chalmers, Monday, October 8, 6-8 PM
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Prashant Tamang, Saturday, 7 PM