Brick Wall

CCC: Chapter Caputo is hereby closed.

Gender Neutral

This time the messengers were two female receptionists. I guess that makes it very gender neutral.

Digital Democrat

I am a digital democrat. My best work I do in the 2.0 environment. It feels like meditation.

Not Into Shaking Hands

That is what politicians do. I am not one.

Obama 08 Events

The movement does not end in November. It begins in January. I will have plenty of political events to go to. There are quite a few Barackface fans among the Obama crowd.

Nobel Peace Prize 2010

By then Nepal will have a new constitution, and will have had all its elections, and will be back on track. (पाँच बुँदा, पाँच चुनाव)


Every fiber in my body, every ounce of energy needs to go to the startup. Anything else will not do. It is high risk behavior. It has to feel intense.

Wet Clay Group Dynamics

I am to venture into 5.0, but this is going to be wet clay group dynamics. Group dynamics has to feel like technology. 2.0 does not go, but 5.0 comes with a vengeance.


I belong with the Facebook generation.

Not Local

I think I will stick with the presidential stuff. Local races don't get me. Not even the mayoral race.

मनका हो तो अच्छा
मनका ना हो तो अौर भी अच्छा

When what you want happens, that is good
When what you want does not happen, that is even better
- Hindi proverb

In The News

'Deeply sorry,' Spitzer to step down by Monday CNN
Eliot Spitzer Resigns as NY Governor Washington Post
Trippi on Democratic Campaigns
Washington Post
Clinton insists Michigan, Florida votes should be counted Los Angeles Times
Govt mulling India-Nepal border road construction Economic Times
Ferraro 'absolutely not' apologetic on Obama remarks
Los Angeles Times
For Clinton and Obama, next six weeks are critical
Christian Science Monitor With wins in Wyoming Saturday and Mississippi Tuesday, Obama made up most of the delegate losses from last week's defeats in Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas. ....... Pennsylvania's 158 delegates. .... would throw 366 delegates back into play ..... would also raise the threshold to win the nomination from 2,025 to 2,208. ...... Neither candidate is likely to pile up enough pledged delegates – those awarded through voting – in the 10 remaining contests to seal the nomination. ..... a mail-in primary. ... 338 super delegates who remain uncommitted. .... Geraldine Ferraro, who told a California newspaper that Obama owed his political fortunes to being black. (Clinton later told the Associated Press that she disagreed with Ferraro.) ...... if the popular voting does not produce a nominee by the convention, analysts say, that could demoralize voters and cripple Democrats in November.
Obama's Mississippi Win Blunts Clinton's Recent Gains (Update3) Bloomberg win gave Obama six more delegates in Mississippi than Clinton .... Clinton had a net gain of about six or seven delegates after her comeback wins March 4 in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island ...... Obama's campaign projects he'll wind up with five more delegates because of the way they are apportioned and his advantage in the caucuses. In Ohio, Clinton, a New York senator, picked up at least nine more delegates than Obama ...... as counts were finalized in some of California's congressional districts, Clinton's delegate lead in the state slipped. ...... Even a 60 percent to 40 percent victory can mean the delegates are divided almost evenly. ..... In overall votes Obama has about 13.3 million to 12.6 million for Clinton
Obama, Clinton seek to frame the race ahead Boston Globe a pledged delegate lead of 161. ..... The Obama campaign says it will not accept the January results, because Obama was not on the ballot in Michigan and did not campaign in Florida. ..... Plouffe criticized the Clinton campaign's approach to resolving the dispute as "heads we win, tails you lose."
Clinton demands re-run of Florida and Michigan primaries Times Online honour the results or hold new primary elections ...... John Corzine, the multimillionaire New Jersey governor and a Clinton supporter, has said he would be willing to largely underwrite the cost of new primaries. A postal vote in Florida could cost as much as $10 million.
Google could be superseded, says web inventor the "web of the future", which he said would allow any piece of information — such as a photo or a bank statement — to be linked to any other. ...... the "current craze" for social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace would eventually be superseded by networks that connected all types of things — not just people — thanks to a ground-breaking technology known as the "semantic web". ..... building web-based connectivity into any piece of data — not just a web page — so that it can "communicate" with other information. ..... direct connectivity between much more low-level pieces of information ..... creating a seamless web of all the data in your life. ..... One expected application is in the pharmaceutical industry, where previously unconnected pieces of research into a drug or disease, say, could be brought together and assimilated. ....... "mega-mash-up" .... "In the semantic web, it's like every piece of data is given a longitude and latitute on a map, and anyone can 'mash' them together and use them for different things." ..... security risks associated with large databases of information that were attractive to criminals and identity fraudsters. .... a new tipping point where different types of crimes become possible and lucrative
Keith Olbermann to go after Hillary Clinton Baltimore Sun Last night, on his program Countdown, Olbermann called Ferraro's remarks "clearly racist."
Clinton camp hit on race comment Melbourne Herald Sun The Clinton camp was accused of fanning racial politics when one of Senator Clinton's highest-profile supporters, Geraldine Ferraro, was said to have played the race card. ..... labeled her comments "patently absurd" and said they had no place in politics.


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