Brooklyn Is Africa, Queens Asia, Bronx Latin America, Manhattan Is Europe

Jay Leno: "Well, the State Department announced today the most dangerous place in the world, no longer the Mideast; it is now between Reverend Jeremiah Wright and a microphone."
It really is not that clear cut at all. It is all mixed up. But I think it would be fair to say overall that Brooklyn is Africa, Queens is Asia, Bronx is Latin America, and Manhattan is Europe.

This thought hit me a few days back.

New York City is the Amazon forest of humanity. Every possible human life form can be found here. People from every town on earth live in this city.

Shanghai has the skyscrapers, but not this city's diversity. It is a celebration.

Bombay is the New York City of India. Shanghai is the New York City of China.

You put America, Europe and Africa together, and you get India. That is how big India is. India is a very diverse country linguistically and religiously. So Bombay is more like New York City than Shanghai.

Moscow is the most expensive city on earth, it is not New York City. But Moscow is a city white like snow. By the way an investor in my startup, a relative, the richest Nepali on earth just became Russia's Manager Of The Year.

Mahato conferred Russia's 'Manager of the Year'

This is going to be an urban century. Urban life will be the norm in every country. Big cities in different countries might relate to each other more than they might relate to other parts of their own countries.

The wireless broadband craze is going to start in the big cities of the world. It will be like when the first light bulbs went up in Manhattan.

This is to be a brave new century. We can make it a win win situation for populations across the world. The last century was one of major wars. This can be a democracy and prosperity century.

Outsourcing Anxieties: The Internet Metaphor

There are political kinks that need to be straightened out, sure. But futuristic, optimistic outlooks should make the task relatively easy.

My Third World People Don't Get To Vote In This City

I am in a relatively weak social muscles phase of my life right now. It feels like recuperation. The zombie existence of intense 2.0 work into Nepal's democracy and social justice movements has taken its toll, but now I am trying to get some jog and talk going. People are fun. I am rediscovering people. Otherwise during the intense Nepal phase I would show up for events in Manhattan, mostly organized by the various political groups, and for the most part it would feel like I were devouring a YouTube video or a website. I was always ready to swing right back to being in front of the screen.

Nobel Peace Prize 2008: Making A Case For Nepal (2)
Nobel Peace Prize 2008: Making A Case For Nepal

2.0 is for real, it has been the same 2.0 for Obama, and 2.0 is central to my startup. But 5.0 is a higher plane of existence, and there is no 2.0 without 5.0. There is enormous magic to face time. Face time is the ultimate interactive experience, it is not screen time on the internet.

Web 5.0: Face Time
A Web 3.0 Manifesto

If you think of 5.0 as technology, as I like to, then it is not hard to imagine how the center of gravity of the tech industry is going to shift from Silicon Valley to Silicon City. New York City will beat everyone else on content creation. This is where the people are. I am trying to get into the picks and shovels business.

Silicon City

Windows 2000 and Windows 95 are different creatures. By 5.0 as technology I mean the same thing. Face time among the post-ISMs individuals is the ultimate experience. That is Windows XP, Windows Vista, what have you.

A Few Diagrams

In a city that is 60% nonwhite, with the best public transportation system in the world, with no legal segregation or apartheid, if you find yourself in a setting that is 90% plus white and it is not a private, social gathering, you got to ask: what are the forces at work?

You can't have an ambitious startup like I do and not realize the importance of knowledge in wealth creation. The institutions of democracy and market are dazzling. But we can create more legroom for the traditionally marginalized. No technological razzmatazz is going to hide the social and political progress not yet made. That applies to women, and minorities, and gays, and the disabled, the poor, the disenfranchised.

I have been learning from Obama 2008. The guy has an almost spiritual appeal. His talk of the new kind of politics, the politics of hope, positive politics, I must admit I started out skeptical. But he knows something I don't. And his way seems to be working wonderfully. I think his biracial birth helps him understand the folly of the two major races in this country that have been at the loggerheads.

I think I will try and work hard to look for positive ways. I might start by writing about all the fascinating years of my life for my online autobiography. Every single year has been fascinating. Phase one was raving and ranting. Phase two, let it be about a more complete picture, the other 90%.

Wealth is created out of thin air.

Barack almost took Brooklyn. Hillary beat him by a measly 2%. 2%, dang, where's all that 2% at?

Brooklyn is Africa. The son of Africa almost carried Brooklyn. Black America's salvation lies in modern day Africa, not in the history of slavery and segregation.
Jay Leno: "Of course, the Republicans will not let this Reverend Wright controversy die. You know, they're trying to keep it in the news. Like, today they said for the wedding of President Bush's daughter, he's going to be the minister."
In The News

Obama's campaign hit by pastor row The Press Association Clinton has a narrow 21 superdelegate lead while Obama has outdistanced Clinton 1,729.5 to 1,595.5 overall. ..... With only nine state and territorial contests remaining, Clinton cannot achieve the 2,025 delegate count needed for the nomination without capturing most of the superdelegates who remain uncommitted.
Obama Says He Is Outraged By Wright's "Rants" U.S. News & World Report, USA Jay Leno: "MSNBC is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security wants all 80 million of America's recreational boaters to be on the lookout for terrorists in small boats trying to explode a nuclear bomb. I don't believe it. What are we paying, $50 billion a year for homeland security? All they can come up with is three drunks on a waverunner in Lake Havasu?" ........ David Letterman: "How about that John McCain? ... I like John McCain. He looks like the kind of guy that walks into Circuit City and says, 'Do you have typewriter ribbons?'" ...... "a visibly angered" Obama "accused his former pastor of enjoying his recent three-day media the expense of the campaign and the issues that confront voters." ...... "At Obama's Chicago headquarters, top aides were trying to avoid an internal meltdown over the Wright fallout. 'Nobody even wants to talk about it. It's a disaster,' said one source, who noted that a usually upbeat headquarters was fighting off its worst morale problem since the primaries began." ........ McCain "dismissed his rivals' proposals for universal health care as riddled with 'inefficiency, irrationality and uncontrolled costs.'" ..... 'Anyone, anyone, who voted for either of us should be absolutely committed to voting for the other' in the general election ....... Obama leading Sen. Hillary Clinton 47%-45% ........ "The Democratic primary is going to be decided by non-Democrats. .... "while the president's approval ratings are low, the ratings for Congress are lower still."
Carter gives Obama approval The Age, Australia calling for the bitter Democratic nomination battle to end on the day of the final primaries on June 3.