Yellow Rose

Always, always you recede through the evenings
towards where the twilight goes erasing statues
Yellow Rose

When you giggle, when you laugh
I get to wash
My 10,000 years of male guilt

Look happy for me, will you?

Queen, sometimes I think
Does it matter
That we are not together

You could not be president without me
On my own, I could not become
A billionaire

Two high voltage careers
And one happy relationship
Has never been done before

This is a brave new century

Love is electricity
Work is magnetism
Together they make for electromagnetism

Love is oxygen, lifeblood
Work is worship
If you believe in love

You will believe in God
That you have to find on your own
Or not, it is okay to doubt

Mouthing it
Is of anthropological

New York City is so much light
It is actually sound
DC is charming

The progressive political religion
That will engulf the planet
We will help build

Political, social, economic

We are the New York Mafia
Here to take over
The world

We measure progress
In the dollar figures
On every forehead

Shanghai has the skyscrapers
But not New York City's diversity
We live in the capital of the world

You run its premier

Your 5.0 world I marvel at
As it unfolds in your presence
And absence

People are clay to you
You make pottery
Out of them

They get happy
When they are
Relevant to you

Let me just

In the love department though
Our entire mutual past
Feels dense with love

There are threads everywhere
Threads that no third person
Can make sense of

In the most public places
Is possible

It feels to me like
You waited while I
Worked through my private pain

Pain from institutional abuses of power
In Kathmandu, Kentucky
Places that are part of my identity

Like my fingers
The landscapes
In my mind like scars

I will not have it
Any other

But it is not about the past
Although that it is
It is not about the present

Even if that is all we got
And it is not even about a future
That has not happened, none can predict

The loftiest dreams can go mush

It is that feeling
That finally it is
Happening to you

You have found
The One
You are not in control

The Pahadis and Madhesis
Are all the drama in Nepal
But they are like medical patients

To me
In New York City

Race is for real
But so is technology

It is time to shame the men
Into making progress on gender
Fundamental progress

Progressive men
Will have to

5.0 and 2.0
A war between the sexes?
I think not

Maybe a little bit

Look in th eye
Open your mouth
And talk

The extreme interactivity
Of face time

If that is the point
I am getting it
I am getting there

I am one of those
My people persons
I can't think just of me

That is

My Third World people
They need the message of democracy
Without exception

The Arab countries
Have to become democracies
Before they start making sense

Mostly though
It is about
Private moments

It is that feeling
That chemistry
That communication

Of being understood
Of wanting desperately
To understand

To give


Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose To Reclaim
Yellow Roses To Keep
Yellow Roses
How you must have suffered getting accustomed to me,
my savage, solitary soul, my name that sends them all running.

I go so far as to think that you own the universe.