Hillary Is Seeking The Green Party Nomination

The Democratic Party decided that Michigan and Florida may not hold contests before February 5, and if they do, they are not going to count in the nomination fight. All Dems running for president complied. Or at least that is what Hillary said back then. But that was then.

Michigan, Florida, And Sniper Fire

Sniper fire did not happen in Bosnia. Elections did not happen in Michigan, Florida. Wake up, Hillary. If two big states can be disbarred by the Democratic Party, one candidate running for president can also be disqualified by the Democratic Party. Either Hillary should stop acting like elections did happen in Michigan and Florida, or the party should consider disallowing her very candidacy. Rules are rules.

You Had Your Fun

Hillary, you had fun. Now leave. We are going to spend the summer on John McCain, not on you.

People are giving you money so you can pay off your campaign debt, all those unpaid bills. That is not money to keep campaigning.


Bill Clinton has been shamelessly using the race card. He has been playing dirty. The 1990s are never over, that is what Bill Clinton is saying. He just does not get the new kind of politics. Barack is ahead in delegates, votes, and number of states, and Bill Clinton thinks his brand of slash and burn politics is still working.

If he loves his wife so much, he should go ahead and build her a Taj Mahal - he sure seems to have the money - instead of trying to play the race card on her behalf. A hundred million? Guys like Bill Clinton are not supposed to end up with a hundred million. Look what you did. Now Hillary thinks middle class is when you make $250,000 a year.

The Osama ad the day before the Pennsylvania primary: that was Bill Clinton's idea. The phone ringing three in the morning right before the Ohio primary: that was Bill Clinton's idea. The idea is that if you can get white, working folks scared, they will not take a second look at the black guy. Black guys are supposed to be scary. Shame on you, Bill Clinton.

For Bill Clinton to compare Jesse Jackson to Barack Obama would be like if I were to compare Bill Clinton to Mahatma Gandhi: apples and avocados.

McCain: Never Ready

If just getting older means you are ready to be Commander In Chief, there are tens of millions of seniors out there, many of them vets. What is Hillary doing trying to suggest McCain is more ready than Barack? Is that her way of suggesting she is young? Just look at old man McCain.

McCain was a lowly soldier in another war that should never have been waged. He was never Commander In Chief material, not then, not now. The guy does not understand economic issues, he does not understand military issues either. A hundred year long war? Was that not in ancient Greece? Times, they are a changing.