Maybe JD(U) Really Is In Trouble, Maybe Not

Sharad Yadav openly castigating Nitish is a very bad sign, worse than a JD(U) candidate walking out of the race at the last minute to throw his support to the Congress candidate a few weeks ago.

This is like Sharad Yadav, a Yadav, finally woke up and threw his support behind Laloo Yadav, another Yadav. Caste loyalties run deep in India, especially Bihar.

Sharad Yadav is an armchair intellectual incapable holding an executive office.

Maybe the surveys are not that off. Nitish really will finish behind Modi and Laoo in Bihar.

This is Sharad Yadav acting ungrateful. He is bookish, but he has never been a mass based leader. He has needed mass based leaders like Laloo and Nitish to win elections.

And what after Nitish having just spent weeks camping out in Madhepura from where Sharad Yadav is contesting and has been feared to lose.

The real issue here is the Yadavs in Madhepura are with Laloo and Pappy Yadav and Sharad is miffed about that.

Sharad Yadav seems to think both Laloo and Nitish became Chief Ministers because of him. Hum ne bana diya. This is arrogant and inaccurate. It is the other way round. Laloo and Nitish made him MP.

This does not mean the JD(U) will split. Sharad Yadav thinks himself as senior to Nitish, which he is. He is an armchair intellectual who thinks the caste reality in Bihar is a nuisance, and he is right.

Sharad Yadav's latest talk is that his party unity stands like "a rock." Enough said.
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