Modi Ran An Excellent Campaign

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Narendra Modi might or might not become Prime Minister, very likely he will, we will know in a few days, but there is one thing very clear: he ran an excellent campaign. His campaign was unprecedented. Steps he took on his campaign trail will be emulated in democracies like America in a few years.

I never got to follow his work in Gujrat, although all indicators are that the work has been excellent. But I did follow his election campaign. And I must say I am very impressed.

Nothing was left to chance. All details were thought through and taken care of. He was gentle and aggressive at the same time. It was high-tech. And that is one arena where he left everyone else in the dust. He used social media like you would expect Rahul to, considering Rahul is younger and has had western education. But Rahul does not seem to be enamored by social media. And that might be partly elitist. He assumes people know him. Whereas Modi feels like he has work to do before people will know him.

If Modi becomes Prime Minister, he will stay Prime Minister for 10 years. He will do excellent work. And he will get rewarded. In five years he might finally take the BJP to getting a majority on its own. And at that point the BJP will have become the new Congress.

I am not taking May 16 for granted. I will wait for the results. But I wanted to note Modi's excellence on the campaign trail beforehand. Even in India a Modi is possible. He started where he started in life, and look where he is today.
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