Modi Has A Shot

English: Narendra Modi in Press Conference
English: Narendra Modi in Press Conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have been reading news on Indian elections quite literally every day. It has been fascinating. I don't watch sports. I watch politics. The outcome is far from clear, but I think Modi has a shot at the top job.

There was no way Rahul could have beat the anti-incumbency wave. But it has perplexed me how Modi has been the only one running for the top job. He first ran a primary inside his party that holds no primaries. Then he ran a presidential campaign in a country that does not hold a presidential election. He has challenged the basic rules, and I have thought that as impressive.

No matter who wins, who loses, 2014 is the watershed year for India. After this election India takes off in a big way. That is the impression I am getting.

Post May 16 is key. There is a possibility something by the name of a Secular Front might emerge. It all depends on the numbers. If the BJP is below or too close to 200, such a Front could emerge. Or Modi could end up getting a mandate. I have not known to follow or believe in the surveys or polls. Either they have overestimated Modi, or they have underestimated him. But I don't feel like they are accurate.

My horse in the race has been Nitish. He has been the top performing Chief Minister. And there is also that Bihari pride thing. But looks like he has not had a clear national strategy. Or maybe there is a point in waiting for May 16 for that strategy to emerge. India is an indirect democracy. People elect their MPs. Then those MPs elect the Prime Minister. So anything could happen. I will wait and watch.
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