Burning Nitish' Boat

English: Bihar Districts
English: Bihar Districts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I once watched a movie, I forget the name. So this is set in the state of Maine, which is not exactly New York or California. It is considered a relatively remote state in America. The main character in the movie decides to move to New York. He makes all arrangements. And so his friends decide to throw him a farewell party. They work for days to build him a boat. Once the party is over, the character is to get on that boat and sail to New York.

At the party, all his friends burn his boat down, and thus bring an end to his plans to move to New York.

The people of Bihar burnt Nitish' boat. They do not want him to move to Delhi, not just yet. There is still so much work to do in Bihar that noone else is capable of doing, not anyone in his party, not anyone outside his party.
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