BJP 217, Congress 73, Others 253: Bloomberg News

हिन्दी: देश के उप राष्ट्रपति मोहम्मद हामिद अंस...
हिन्दी: देश के उप राष्ट्रपति मोहम्मद हामिद अंसारी पटना में पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री सत्येन्द्र नारायण सिन्हा(छोटे साहब) की 94वीं जयंती पर आयोजित व्याख्यानमाला श्रंखला पर पूर्व सांसद किशोरी सिन्हा और मुख्यमंत्री नीतीश कुमार के साथ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bloomberg: India Calls Election as Modi Rise Threatens Congress Rule
The BJP is forecast to win 217 seats in the lower house of parliament, short of the 272 needed for a majority, according to an opinion poll released on Feb. 22 by ABP News television channel and Nielsen. Congress would get 73 seats, its worst ever performance, the poll showed. Regional parties would split the remaining 253 seats, up from the 216 they currently control....... the $1.8 trillion economy will grow 4.9 percent in the year through March 31, less than the past decade’s annual average of about 8 percent...... Congress leaders have sought to discredit Modi over the riots as they fight off allegations of corruption, with Singh saying in January that Modi presided over a “mass massacre.” The national auditor has accused Singh’s administration of costing India as much as $53 billion through favoring certain companies in awarding mobile-phone licenses and handing out no-bid coal-mining permits.
Congress faces 'record low' in India election
there was a feeling within Congress that its election frontman Rahul Gandhi already knew the game was up and instead "has his sights set on 2019" when the next elections are due .... the legacy of the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat, when more than 1,000 mainly Muslim residents were killed, as his main "weak spot" that could not only alienate voters but also make it harder to forge an alliance with minority parties after May 16.
Old Fantasies Are Distorted in Indian Elections
For decades, India’s business elite dreamed of an alpha-male dictator who would also be a university graduate and generally a wonderful person, while the intellectual elite waited for the revolution that would set everything right. The poor ensured that India remained a democracy by turning out to vote every time they were asked to. In tribute, the politicians ensured that they remained poor. ..... At the heart of the festive campaigns is a man who admirers and foes alike assert is a mass leader with dictatorial qualities ...... the fierce Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi — whose charm in no small measure derives from the sense of danger he exudes from having been accused of complicity in the 2002 riots in Gujarat State that resulted in the deaths of more than a thousand people, mostly Muslims ...... the business community, which owns Indian journalism, and the urban middle class ....... The man who has done the greatest damage to Mr. Modi is Arvind Kejriwal, who was the core of a street movement against the corrupt political class before he converted his anarchic protests into an Occupy the Delhi Assembly movement and ran for office. He ended up as Delhi’s chief minister. Mr. Kejriwal has accused Mr. Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat in 2002 and still today, of being a danger to India’s Muslims and a vassal of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani. .... Mr. Modi, who wants to be India’s prime minister, is not a man who can survive a question session he cannot control. ...... what they call “secularism,” which in theory is about the co-existence of various faiths but in practice is short-term pandering to India’s nearly 180 million Muslims. ...... It was in response to the perceived rise of Mr. Modi that an unusual meeting was organized by the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Two men many Indians would never believe could share a stage did exactly that, at a public seminar on Monday. These were ordinary men, but they were the subjects of two extraordinary photographs that became emblems of the 2002 Gujarat riots. One was Qutubuddin Ansari, a Muslim tailor who was photographed during the riots begging security personnel to save him. The other was Ashok Mochi, one of the Hindu rioters, who was photographed brandishing an iron rod as he set homes on fire. Mr. Mochi, who was imprisoned for a few days on minor charges, asked Mr. Ansari to forgive him and said Mr. Modi’s claims of economic progress in Gujarat under his administration were an exaggeration. “I still live on a footpath,” Mr. Mochi said.
Don't fall into BJP's trap, Nitish Kumar tells voters in Bihar
Nitish Kumar on Thursday said that the BJP has no development model for Bihar ...... Taking a dig at BJP's growing closeness to Raj Thackrey's MNS, Kumar said nowadays they were busy "shaking hands with people who have been targeting people from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh in Maharashtra." He also questioned BJP's motif in the state's demand for a special category status saying that the party had actually joined hands with the Congress to facilitate the same to Seemandhra "within 24 hours" of Sonia Gandhi's instruction. "Why did not they made a similar demand for Bihar before supporting Congress in the passage of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill?" he said. Meanwhile, Kumar declared former BJP MLA Awnish Kumar Singh, who recently joined JD(U), as the party's Lok Sabha candidate from Motihari seat.
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Narendra Modi has weak credentials as PM candidate, mine better: Nitish Kumar to NDTV
BJP in bad position, will get nothing in Bihar: Nitish Kumar
No hesitation in becoming PM: Nitish Kumar
"The leaders who have been declared prime ministerial candidate by their parties would not become prime minister. I am certain of it," Nitish Kumar said. The chief minister said opinion polls and surveys will be proved wrong after the elections. "There will be a hung parliament and the non-Congress and non-BJP Third Front will form the next government at the centre," he said. Nitish Kumar said he was hopeful that people of Bihar will vote for his party and will elect a majority in the 40 Lok Sabha seats from the state.
BJP Trying To Intimidate Us, Aam Aadmi Party Tells Election Commission

Starting Point = $2 trillion
Projected Growth Rate = 10%
Duration = 30 Years
Years It Takes To Double at 10% = 7
Size Of Economy In 35 Years = 2 --> 4 --> 8 --> 16 --> 32 --> 64

End Result = $64 Trillion by 2050
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