Modi's Last Mile Problem That Nitish Does Not Have

English: Indian actor Salman Khan
English: Indian actor Salman Khan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
NDA gets 229, UPA 129 but Modi faces a last mile challenge: survey
the NDA is likely to get 229 seats while the UPA is likely to win 129. The survey gave alternate front 55 seats and the others got 130. Significantly, the others include parties like Trinamool Congresss and the AIADMK. Independently, the BJP is likely to get 195 seats and the Congress 106.
Modi is my second choice for PM. I don't dislike him. I think his economic record in Gujrat is impressive. But why settle for second when first is available? Nitish is my first choice. Like Salman Khan said, may the best candidate win. But Nitish is only a contender if he gets more than 20 seats in Bihar. Otherwise it is a mad dash to 271 by the likes of Modi and Jayalalita. Nitish getting less than 10 MPs might also be read as a mandate for Modi. If the leader of the so-called Third Front can be beat on his own turf by Modi, that perhaps would mean Modi has a mandate, even if not a majority.
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