Women's Unity Day: Event


Virginia Woolf's London, my New York City.

Hogging The Spotlight

One good thing about Barack and Hillary keeping at it is McCain does not get the national spotlight. This contest is not over.

Women's Unity Day: Event

This is an Obama event. But not solely.

Time: Saturday, March 8 at 7:00 PM
Duration: 3 hours
Host: Keisha Spradley
Union Square, NYC (New York, NY)
17th & Broadway
New York, NY 10012

There is a scene in the movie, The Hours. The husband says, but it was meant as an act of love. Some of the most racist people at Berea College would use the family metaphor. But we are family.


The goals are simple. Half the Congress should be female. Half of a company should be female. That is a goal I have for my company. A company that is almost half female at all levels will make more money. That is my bet. You unleash the productivity potentials.

Women do handle group dynamics differently than men. The two have to be tapped for best effects.

Ultimately it is the basic democratic process of voting, and the transactions of making purchases that have to be tapped to attain equality for women.

You work relentlessly to raise the political consciousness level of both men and women.

Relationships and marriages have to be reimagined. They have to become egalitarian. Men have to raise children. I am lucky in that department. I naturally like the company of children. They are more fun than adults.

The workplace has to be reimagined. In a knowledge economy, bodies that bear children are at no disadvantage. As long as the mind keeps chugging, the body can do whatever.


Sexism suffocates the possibility of love. Racism suffocates the possibility of love.

Tom, Nicole

Nicole Kidman was a nobody when Tom Cruise was a huge star. When Nicole Kidman blossomed as a megastar in her own right, her marriage was the price she paid.

When the Clintons ran in 1992, it was still a big deal that a woman will marry and still have a career. What about two mega careers? Is that possible? Two mega careers and a very happy relationship.

Tom Cruise refused to seek counseling with Nicole. Tom Cruise refused to grow with his wife's career growth.

Meryl Streep's Potter Husband

Love is love. U2's Bono also has a high school sweetheart. These two are examples of the possibility of only one mega career inside a marriage.

California, New York

These two big states have lots of career women in them. Gender is a daily reality.

In The News

Clinton Again Raises Running With Obama The Associated Press Clinton on Friday again raised the possibility that she might run with rival Sen. Barack Obama on the same Democratic presidential ticket. ....... Clinton said, "I've had people say, 'Well I wish I could vote for both of you. Well, that might be possible some day. ..... the second time this week that she has hinted at a joint ticket with the Illinois senator; he has not ruled it out ..... Mississippi, where 33 delegates ..... Mississippi's population is 37 percent black. ....... Job losses were widespread: in construction, manufacturing, retailing, financial services and a variety of professional and business services. Those losses swamped gains elsewhere, including education and health care, leisure and hospitality and the government. ..... Wyoming to campaign ahead of its Saturday caucus, another state that her campaign has already said is likely to favor Obama.

McCain now has challenge of staying in public eye Reuters
India is the new Australia The Age
Defeats puncture the Obama bubble
CNN International Near-tie may last for weeks or even months of hard and nasty campaigning ...... For now, the fun is over and the fight is on. ....... his extraordinary charisma and expertly run campaign ....... Hillary Clinton's tireless campaigning was probably the key to her victories this week, in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island.
Obama vies to push back, stay positive Boston Globe Clinton has been able to land a few blows ...... "Just remember," he said. "What we've been doing has worked." ...... Clinton, believing that her fusillade against Obama on trade and national security contributed to her campaign-saving wins in Ohio and Texas, has gained a head of steam and shows no signs of letting up. And Obama acknowledges her attacks on him have worked. ....... Obama's past criticisms of Clinton's healthcare plan as an example of a "tough but fair" line of attack ...... Obama's campaign has also begun running a radio ad in Mississippi attacking Clinton for "derogatory" comments she made about the state last fall. "I was shocked when I learned Iowa and Mississippi have never elected a woman governor, senator, or member of Congress," Clinton was quoted as saying in October by The Des Moines Register. "How can Iowa be ranked with Mississippi? That's not the quality, that's not the communitarianism, that's not the openness I see in Iowa." ......... Clinton's advisers believe their tougher line against Obama in Ohio and Texas did work, pointing to exit polls suggesting that late-deciding voters - about a fifth of the electorate in each state - broke for Clinton by wide margins.
Bill Clinton Adopts New Campaign Role The Associated Press Her advisers credit him with boosting her support among rural voters, especially men. He also phones through a list of party "superdelegates" almost daily, urging them to back the former first lady. And he has raised considerable cash for her campaign, both at events with the well-heeled and in online appeals to smaller donors. ..... the former president was headed to Philadelphia for a meeting with city ward bosses Friday. It was then on to Mississippi, whose primary is Tuesday. ...... "How can someone so popular with the base of his party hurt his wife so badly? And how did he underestimate the unique power that a former president has, especially one with his strength and sense of drama?"
Obama advisor quits after calling Clinton a 'monster' AFP
Clinton camp backpedals from Ken Starr-Obama tie Baltimore Sun
Clinton rebuffs calls for re-running of Florida and Michigan primaries
Guardian the growing but controversial call for a re-running of primary elections in Florida and Michigan. ...... "There are 1.75m reasons not to do that," Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said, referring to the number of votes cast in her state. "We had the largest turnout in party history." ...... Nelson gave Dnc chairman Howard Dean two choices: seat the delegates already chosen in January, or use the national party's money to pay for another round of voting...... Recent days have seen a growing call for new contests in the two states, in large part because Democrats are uneasy about the prospect of essentially disenfranchising millions of Democratic voters. Florida is likely to be a crucial swing state in November, and the party wants to avoid ill will. ...... He's ahead 1,567 to 1,462. ...... "Let's let all of the voters go again if they are willing to do it," Clinton adviser Terry McAuliffe said Tuesday night on MSNBC. ..... The Florida Democratic Party has estimated the cost of a contest there at $25m. ...... at once chastising the states for violating party rules, while indicating they could get away with it. ........ He has welcomed the idea of new contests, but also hinted the states could appeal to a party committee and ask that their delegates be seated according to the results of the January vote. .... The two state parties will have to find the funds to pay for new contests without help from the national party, Dean said.

Obama sets fundraising record Los Angeles Times, USA Barack Obama raised $55 million in February, $20 million more than Hillary Rodham Clinton and a record sum for a single month in any presidential campaign ..... Much of the difference came from the Internet. ..... national Democratic campaign committees were significantly out-raising their Republican counterparts for the first time since the commission started counting amounts raised by party committees. ...... The Democrats' three main committees -- the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -- raised $191.3 million in the 13-month period from January 2007 to the end of January. ....... she had raised $4 million since the polls closed Tuesday in Ohio and Texas. ...... Obama significantly outspent Clinton in TV advertising in Texas and Ohio but lost both states. ..... Obama received money from 727,972 donors in February, including 385,101 new contributors. To date, Obama has received donations from 1.07 million donors