The Al Qaeda And Political Organizations In Manhattan

The Al Qaeda is not a state. It is not a standing army. It is a leaderless organization like the Wikipedia is a leaderless organization. Their group dynamics is pretty cutting edge.

I have consistently said at this blog the war on terror is the same magnitude as the cold war and the only way it will end is when all Arab countries have become democracies. You drain the swamp.

And then I have suggested Nepal's April Revolution 2006 might be the way to go about it. You build a coalition of all political parties. You shut the country down for a few weeks completely until the autocratic regime falls. An interim government takes over. It holds elections to a constituent assembly to write the country a new constitution. In this the diaspora of that country necessarily plays an important role.

Chicago belongs to America, Dallas belongs to America, San Francisco belongs to America, but New York City belongs to the world. Everybody you need to spread democracy into all countries of the world is right here in New York City. The single best thing anyone could do to spread democracy into all corners of the world would be to grant voting rights for the city elections to everyone who lives in this city. Proof of residence is all you should need. Either you got a lease, or your landlord fills out a form saying you live at a particular address. That would get all New Yorkers politically active, including the estimated 40% who don't have the legal papers to be in the country. Every single town on the planet is represented in New York City. Shanghai can claim skyscrapers but it can not claim NYC's diversity.

People from poor countries working odd jobs in New York City are people who love this city, they are people who love America. They don't go to bed at night and wake up in the morning having had dreams of blowing up buildings. But they have been denied their due political respect.

America is not an ideal democracy. It remains a racist democracy. Not all are equal. Capitalist America responded to Russia's October Revolution with a welfare state. America will win the war on terror as it should, but it will have to become a nonracist democracy in the process.

I hit the wall with DFNYC trying to get some, any, help on Nepal's democracy movement. Action against the Iraq War was okay, but Nepal was not in New York City. And so I shunned them as an organization after the magical April Revolution 2006. That one was for world history.

I might have hit the wall with DL21C on 2.0. And that is okay, it is a free country.

2.0 Penetrates DL21C
The French Revolution And DFNYC

Moving around political organizations in Manhattan you get to feel the caste system. My thought on that is, well, fuck the caste system. Fuck the caste system in India. Fuck the caste system in America. And that is why my number one focus has been on experiencing events rather than trying to get to know people.

I have instigated a French Revolution. What have you done? Why should I think you are politically higher up than me? Especially when I find the group dynamics of leaderless organizations so very appealing. There is no higher up. There is only action.

Once in a while you will come across some white guy who is gearing to run for office in Queens. And I am like, I have been to Queens so many times. I don't meet white guys when I am walking around. How is this any different from British Viceroys landing upon Calcutta?

I think that is where comes in. It is an amazing political tool. It is a stripped down version of Facebook and it is a stripped down version of MeetUp. Anyone can sign up. Anyone can create events. You get to create a profile. You can blog at the site.

Of course over time you get to know the regulars. You make friends. And leaders appear: people who really work hard behind the scenes to create events. But the skeleton of it is it is a leaderless organization. is an amazing tool that Barack will need more as president than he does now. It will be the primary feature of his presidential library.

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