OH, TX, PA: Treat Them Well

Barack by now has totally erased Clinton's national lead. But even before he did he managed to bring Clinton down to 40-50 in CA. Considering where he started in CA, that was huge. I am thinking he carried New York City.

Clinton 08 is counting on a strong showing in the three big March 4 states. Right now they are looking good, but they are not factoring in the fact that the rest of February looks great for Barack. His national lead is going to solidify. It is going to grow.

Since money is not a problem, it is important to do some extensive work in these three big states. Establish more offices, build organization. Run ads. Reach out to volunteers in states that have already voted and get them to do some major phone banking for these three states.

Clinton 08 counting on these three states is like Rudy counting on Florida. Rudy figured the January states don't matter. Clinton 08 thinks the February states do not matter.

Being aggressive in the South Carolina debate was a big reason why Barack swept that state. He might need to repeat that during the Texas debate. (Become Aggressive, Or Become Adlai Stevenson) Reagan also had a "I paid for this microphone" moment in 1980, was it?

Iraq continues to be his big selling point of differentiation.

Barack's Fairytale Position On Iraq War, Fairytale Candidacy, Fairytale Lifestory, Fairytale Hairstyle

The Real Super Tuesday, March 4: Knockout Punch

That is when he has to do it. You can do it, champ.

In The News

An Obama Memo: Sweep Atlantic Online Obama’s current lead over Clinton: 84 pledged delegates (a total that increased 57 this weekend) ..... Pledged delegates: Obama – 1030; Clinton – 946 ....... States won: Obama – 20; Clinton – 11 ...... Caucuses won: Obama 11; Clinton – 2 ....... Obama won an upset victory in Maine, a state where internal and external polls had Clinton leading in the days leading up to the caucuses. ...... He won a Red State, Purple State, and Blue States this weekend – showing he has broad national appeal and can win in every corner of this country. ...... he’s won a larger share of the popular vote ..... he is the candidate best suited to win Independents, play well in Red States, and beat John McCain in November .... Obama won’t just win an election, he’ll win a new majority for change, so we can finally solve the problems we’ve been talking about for decades.