Which Clinton Is Running For President?

It is like Bill Clinton were running for a third term. He is all over the place. He has managed to distort so much about Obama. Suddenly he will have you believe Obama actually voted for the Iraq War.

Obama needs to assemble a rapid response team or he stands to lose, something called a War Room is needed.

I wonder if Clinton 2008 were to win, which Clinton will be sworn in? Which Clinton will walk with the suitcase with which a nuclear strike can be launched?

Bill Clinton has already said he will travel the country as First Lad to sell policy.

Which Clinton will go attend the G8 summits? Which Clinton will go address the UN?

And if Bill Clinton will continue to overshadow Hillary like this all the way, and if Hillary were to be president, will that really count as the first woman who got elected president? I doubt that.

The world will still have to wait for a woman who got elected on her own.

Which Clinton will the CIA brief? Or will the Clintons divide the portfolio? You go to the G8 summit, I go address the UN, next year you can go to the G8 summit.

Would it not be better than to just go ahead and give him some kind of a cabinet position? Or make him ambassador of some far away country?

This is getting confusing. Would it not have been better to just go ahead and amend the constitution so Bill Clinton could legitimately run for a third term?

With Bill Clinton the 1990s slash and burn politics are back.

If Clinton 08 were to get the White House, which Clinton will deliver the State of the Union, I wonder.

What if Hillary is technically speaking the president, but Bill Clinton is the one who generates scandal after scandal? God forbid we have to go through another impeachment, impeachment of the First Lad. Is there such a thing?