Race, Class, Gender, Globalization And 2008

The social issues are all rather hard to deal with. The identity issues are hard to deal with. I don't know what exactly Obama said in San Francisco at a private dinner but he got reported as saying that people in small town Pennsylvania are bitter and so they cling to guns and religion.

Like James Carville said, Pennsylvania is Philly and Pittsburgh, with Alabama in between. And there are no blacks in this particular version of Alabama.

The poor everywhere are extra susceptible to identity politics and prejudices. Guns and religion were there before the outsourcing of industrial jobs, guns and religion were there before industrialization, but people do cling extra tight to them when the times go rough. A lot of people don't know Barack's mother was a cutting edge anthropologist. She did microfinance work decades before Yunus got the Nobel for the same.

The reaction was one of defensiveness. You calling me poor? You calling me desperate? You calling me white? The media churn on the issue was so total that Obama 2008's millions in TV ads got drowned out.

It is hard to engage the electorate on social issues. Most people feel their particular worldview is cutting edge and they have no viewpoint they need to change. Roe V Wade was 1973, and the pro-choice agenda is still hot. Progress on social issues tends to be slow.

What to do?
  1. Turn the class issue into one on globalization and how to tackle it best.
  2. Inject the gender issue full force. That will put Hillary on the defensive. She desires to quietly squeak by, she does not seek to talk gender.
  3. Address race. That one was a speech about Jeremiah Wright. Now tell the people how you will take race relations in America to the next level. (JFK, Obama Parallels: Catholic, Black)
Hillary's momentum from her nine point PA victory is a little unsettling. It will help to get a little paranoid.

Ground Rule: When you get hit, you hit back. The new kind of politics does not change that. What it does change is you don't get nasty when hitting back. When you don't hit back, people think you got hit and you did not even notice.

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