The Working Class Are Hurt By Special Interests And Lobbyists' Money

I think it is bizarre that the media is portraying Obama as elitist and Clinton as the candidate for the working class. I do not see the logic.

Obama Clinton
Personal Wealth Made $4 Million From Books Made $100 Million From Husband's Speeches To Big, Fat Companies
Definition Of Middle Class Middle Class People Who Make $250,000 A Year
Where Power Rests With The People Who Donate $25, $50, $100 A Pluck, Does Not Take Money From Lobbyists Number One Recipient Of Money From Lobbyists In Either Party
Political Style New, Positive, Uplifting, Uniting Slash And Burn, 1990s Style

Obama is more likely to deliver on education and health care. He is more likely to bring the gas price down by ending the gouging going on by the oil companies. He is the one who will tame the mortgage industry now known for predatory lending. Why? Because he will answer to the people and the people alone.

The Responsibility Of The Superdelegates

Not all remaining superdelegates have to fall for my guy, but all must cast their preference one way or the other by the time the final primary/caucus is held. The party must have its nominee by then. Otherwise it will be like gifting all of summer to McCain. Summer is when the flesh pressing happens. Don't deprive the nominee of that.

We give Barack all summer and he will give us a 60 strong majority in the Senate. I think that is a bargain. What do you think?

The superdelegates are political professionals. They don't need more time. They know the candidates better than most of the rest of us. They don't get to have more time. They don't get to wait until the convention.

In The News

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Obama making plans to attract voters and money for November Boston Globe Yesterday, his campaign announced "Vote for Change," what it described as an unprecedented 50-state voter registration and mobilization drive. The effort will start with at least 83 events across the country on May 10 and has already launched a website. .... Obama has won the overwhelming majority of new voters in primaries and caucuses. ...... setting up a joint fund-raising committee with the Democratic National Committee, an arrangement that allows donors to write one check to be divided between the candidate and the national party ...... The contribution limit is $28,500, compared to $2,300 for the general election for donations directly to a candidate. ........ Obama has picked up 83 percent of the superdelegate endorsements since Super Tuesday on Feb. 5, narrowing Clinton's superdelegate lead to 259-236. ...... Huckabee, popular with social conservatives, has been mentioned as a potential running mate for McCain ....... "black people are incensed" over Clinton's "bizarre" behavior.
Obama wins the "World Primary" Seattle Times King of the World ..... people from Pakistan to Venezuela to Iraq are immensely affected by the economic, as well as political, decisions of the president of the United States ..... a recent trip abroad convinced me that, as of this moment, Barack Obama would win a World Primary, hands down. ...... his eight years of personal flaws and policy indecisions ...... the New Frontier candidate of the 21st century. ...... an Obama presidency would offer the idealism of a Woodrow Wilson and the youthful vigor of a John Kennedy — absent the peevish arrogance of George W. Bush or the embarrassing personal peccadilloes of an all-too-human Bill Clinton. ....... Many Africans would of course toast the development to the heavens; many Muslims would find considerable comfort in the election of a Christian who nonetheless has the middle name of Hussein. In Asia, the now-surging continent of ever-increasing optimism, Obama would be hailed as opening a new chapter in a more nuanced, sensitive and cosmopolitan U.S. foreign policy. ....... Obama's election would prove so enormously electric that perhaps as much as 50 percent of global anti-Americanism could dissipate virtually overnight. ...... the Democrats in general (and the Hillary Clinton campaign in particular) would do everyone a favor if they were to unite around the man who lived briefly in Indonesia, much longer than in Hawaii, and who continually gives the world the impression of the United States of America no longer as the same old, tired self.
Upcoming Contests to Test Dems’ Working-Class Appeal FOXNews
New poll shows a dead heat in state between Clinton, Barack Obama CNN Obama is tied with Clinton at 45 percent, with 10 percent of respondents unsure ...... All polls include interviews conducted after the Pennsylvania primary, which Clinton won Tuesday by about 55 percent to 45 percent. ..... Clinton easily wins among senior citizens and women ...... oughly two-thirds of people in a separate survey done by the Pew Research Center said the race has gone on "too long." ...... the closest race in a generation ...... The May 6 contests have 187 combined delegates at stake. ...... African-Americans, young voters, upscale whites and independent voters. ....... Nancy Pelosi, D-California, made it clear Thursday that she thinks Clinton and Obama shouldn't run on a joint ticket this fall.
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Clinton Sidesteps Questions About Staying in the Race Washington Post hinted yesterday that she might reconsider the state of her campaign if she loses in Indiana. ....... Obama holds a double-digit lead in some North Carolina polls ..... About twenty-five percent of the state gets media from Chicago
Amid Clinton-Obama struggle, Americans see campaign as too negative Los Angeles Times Too long? Too long? We're not even three-quarters of the way through this 23-month, $2-billion extravaganza.