Michelle Is Back, I Missed Michelle

Just look at her. She is better than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain put together. Where has she been? This woman gave us Iowa. You can't really give credit to any one person, but if you had to, you would have to give it to her. If we had lost Iowa, we would have been toast. We needed Iowa. And she gave it to us. Woman, are you something or are you something?

Months before the victory she spoke truth to power, the powerful hired hands who ran Obama 2008. She said if we don't win Iowa, we might as well pack up and go home, and she was right. But suddenly the response was, this non-political wife just threw the bus into the ditch. She does not understand the expectations game. (I Stand With Michelle: Iowa Must And Can Be Won)

When I met her in summer 2007 at a Harlem event, I cut a deal. You give us Iowa, we will give you New York City. I meant it. (Michelle Obama Is Just Fabulous) She delivered, I did not. Where I made my mistake was I did not realize half of New York City can't even vote. (My Third World People Don't Get To Vote In This City) But Barack almost took Brooklyn, and he did take the district I live in. Well, Michelle, at least the next Mayor of New York City is going to be a black dude. Sorry for running two years behind schedule.

Barack is contemplative, Michelle is gutsy. It is not like Barack is not strong, but Michelle plain oozes strength. We need her every step of the way. Barack can't pull this thing alone. All his volunteers minus Michelle can't do it either. Michelle is needed.

Another Speech On Race Will Bring Victory In PA

Solution For Florida And Michigan
  1. Wait until either Barack or Hillary get 2024, or one drops out.
  2. Then divide the FL and MI delegates 50-50 between the two and seat them.
I can't imagine their not getting seated at the convention.

In The News

Life on the Edge: Learning from Facebook BusinessWeek Facebook now brings together 66 million online users ..... users 35 years old and older account for more than half of Facebook's daily visitors and are the network's most rapidly growing demographic ..... 150,000 active developers, who are now generating more than 20,000 applications. ...... that holy grail—"virality." ..... Applications take off and spread like a flu epidemic ...... "Many crummy trials beat deep thinking." ..... satisfies profound social needs to connect .... social interaction often precedes economic activity
Google: What Goes Up_ finally discovering gravity. First, the company missed Wall Street revenue forecasts in the fourth quarter for the first time ..... stock price has plunged 38% from its all-time peak, an intraday high of $747.24 last November .... "Everyone's scared." ..... the world's most enchanted corporation ..... some key people are leaving for new, potentially more lucrative opportunities. ....... the top sales vice-president who departed last month to become chief operating officer at Facebook ........ Google's seemingly scattershot attempts to find new avenues of growth in everything from online video ads to office software to wireless communications so far haven't produced much revenue. ...... a unique, just-do-it culture that helped it get this far this fast. ...... The company provides no guidance to financial analysts. ...... Its very success has created a company so big that some veterans are now feeling restless. ...... the enchanted corporation may need to search for new ways to maintain the magic.
There Is No Gas Shortage Gasoline reserves on hand are at the highest levels since the early 1990s ...... In January of this year, the U.S. used 4% less petroleum than we did a year ago. (Oil demand was down 3.2% in February.) Furthermore, demand has been falling slowly since July of last year. Ronald Bailey of Reason Online has pointed out that worldwide production of oil has risen 2.5% in the first quarter, while worldwide demand has grown by only 2%. ........ "The record run in oil prices is related more to speculation and a weakening dollar than supply and demand in the market." He added, "In terms of fundamentals, fear of supply reliability is overblown." ...... The dollar has depreciated 30% against the world's currencies since 2002, while the price of oil has gone up 500%. ..... in 2000 approximately $9 billion was invested in oil futures, while today that number has gone up to $250 billion ..... why protect the personal assets of those who were responsible for the mess ...... a free-for-all marketplace with no regulations at all, which lately these "bubble boys" have sent south for all of us. .... Washington missed the obvious: Protect all U.S. consumers and you're also protecting business expansion.
India's Videocon Wants Motorola Phone Biz Venugopal Dhoot, Videocon's 54-year-old chairman, is among India's most ambitious businessmen. Along with his two brothers and their families, Dhoot controls 71% of Mumbai-based Videocon. The Dhoots shot into the limelight in 2005 as the buyers of the picture-tube business of France's Thomson for $291 million. ..... as a typical Indian family-owned business, Videocon has a complex structure of cross-holdings across a web of private companies, with little transparency. ..... Of the 400 million handsets sold globally last year, 120 million were bought in India. ...... the news has stirred Videocon's stock, which climbed by 5%
Facetime with Barack Obama Barack Obama is arguably the most sought-after person in America—with the possible exceptions of soccer star David Beckham and Kristen, the call girl in the Eliot Spitzer scandal. ...... having added $4 trillion worth of debt .......... we should go back to probably a top marginal rate of 39%—what it was before the Bush tax cuts ..... I believe in the market. I believe in entrepreneurship. I believe in capitalism, and I want to do what works. ........ My basic approach to leadership is to hire very good people, set a clear vision for where I want the organization to go…then give people a lot of power to do their jobs and hold them accountable for doing them. .... I know how to manage a team.

How much trouble is Dell really in? CNet it wants to reduce expenses by as much as $3 billion per year over the next three years. ...... How can a company that sat atop the entire computing industry for so long become a shadow of its former self in just two years? ..... HP's growth was estimated at 30 percent in 2007, while Dell's was just 1.7 percent. ...... and suddenly people are more likely to buy a computer at their local Best Buy than ever before. ..... an environment where margins are extremely low
MySpace unveils new music service free streaming music, unprotected MP3 downloads, ringtones, and e-commerce offerings such as merchandise and ticket sales ...... The partnership with MySpace is another sign that the music industry has decided to embrace the Web and digital technology instead of waging war against it. As CD sales continue to shrink and piracy expands, the labels are moving toward the inevitable: a redefining of how they make money from music. ........ MySpace could help modernize the music industry. ...... enable fans to have a fully immersive experience ...... MySpace can offer a place where all aspects of the music experience can be expressed. ....... MySpace, if they don't mess it up, should take the music industry to Music 2.0 ...... MySpace is already one of the largest music communities on the Internet

Obama raised more than $40 million in March Reuters Clinton has significantly less money available ..... Clinton had some $10.9 million in cash left at the end of February compared with $31.6 million for Obama ..... came from some 442,000 contributors, including 218,000 first-time donors. ........ average contribution level was $96
Chelsea Clinton plans three Mountain State stops to stump for mom Daily Mail - Charleston
Donations to DCCC Spike after Clinton Threat To Pelosi Atlantic Online --- that superdelegates ought strongly consider the expressed will of voters in their states. ....... and Nancy is the best .... Nancy is a great unifying force out here and everyone loves her ..... “I I can tell you she’s been disturbed about some of the Clinton campaign’s comments and tactics the last two months, especially saying John McCain would be a better Commander in Chief” ...... she is a secret supporter of Barack Obama's, although Pelosi aides insist that she's been careful to be - and to appear to be -- neutral.

McCain Says He Has List Of About 20 Possible Running Mates U.S. News & World Report
Superdelegate says Clinton needs 'big win' in Pennsylvania Los Angeles Times
Mugabe's Party Sets Sights on Presidential Runoff Vote
Voice of America
Nepal as usual kowtows to China Kantipur Online
Dalai Lama urges world community to pressure China on Tibet Monsters and Critics.com
Sen. Obama gets support from proud grandmother
The News Journal
Obama Says He Would Give Gore Key Role Shaping Climate Policy
Clinton: “Yo, Adrian!”
MSNBC Bill Clinton thought his wife's April Fool's gag yesterday was a hoot ...... his daughter's comment that she thought her mom would be a better president than her dad ..... "We read he bowled there yesterday and bowled 37; she said, 'Finally I found an athletic event that even the middle-aged lady can beat him at, I wanna play that game,'" he said..... launching into a 50-minute discussion on health care, education, the economy, and energy policy. On the latter issue, he talked about the need to invest in clean coal technology

NATO Allies Oppose Bush on Georgia and Ukraine New York Times
China briefs India again on Tibet issue Hindu
Argentina's Christina: Honeymoon Over TIME
The Second Iran-Iraq War Wall Street Journal
New era in space travel begins -- and the US is on the sidelines MinnPost.com
Obama narrows Clinton's lead in Pennsylvania poll
Xinhua Clinton winning nearly 60 percent of white Democrats while Obama drawing 75 percent of black voters.

Obama Catches Clinton in Support From Superdelegate Lawmakers Bloomberg with a surge in support from congressional freshmen and governors from Republican-dominated states. ...... endorsed by 16 U.S. House freshmen to Clinton's 6, and 40 percent of his congressional allies are from ``red states' ........ Obama, an Illinois senator, has the support of 99 Democratic U.S. lawmakers and governors, compared with Clinton's 96 ........ Clinton has the support of 250 of the 794 superdelegates; Obama has 220
The Obama Doctrine Wall Street Journal The strike force Mr. Obama envisioned would be in the region, not in Iraq.