Bill Perkins: Next Mayor Of New York City

7 Point Agenda For New York City

We Barack Maniacs are going to take over the party, I mean we already did as Deaniacs, but we are doing it all over again, then we are going to take over the country - you are looking at a sweep of 40 plus states - and then we are going to take over New York City. Bloomberg is the last Republican Mayor this city will see. We have to reform the Democratic Party and make it transparent and accountable directly to the people instead of to narrow interest groups inside the party structure. New York City is the progressive capital of America, it is the progressive capital of the world. That fact has to reflect in the city's power structure.

Bill Perkins is the mascot for Obama 2008 in this city. And he is the next Mayor of New York City. Perkins 2010 is going to be a city version of Obama 2008.

I have said this before. I don't know a whole lot about local and state politics. But does it matter if the soccer field is in Brazil or Germany?

If this city is 40% white, and 60% nonwhite, the campaign staff and the subsequent administration necessarily has to reflect the diversity. It can not feel like some kind of a black takeover, although there is no escaping the black empowerment theme. But primarily it has to be about getting the job and doing the job well.

Bill Perkins can't be running to be the Black Mayor, but simply Mayor. That is the Barack way. He has a strong base in Harlem and Brooklyn. He has to ride the Obama 2008 wave for the rest of this year and go to events all over this city and get on a first name basis with 1,000 and more Obama volunteers all across this city. Become a man of all peoples. Barack did it by birth, you are going to have to do it one conversation at a time.

A place like New York City, you have to be tough on crime. Most of the crime infested parts of the city tend to be minority, and so tough on crime is a necessary minority agenda. But a Democrat could do one better on an issue often neglected by fire-breathing Republicans like Rudy: community policing.

Bloomberg has been a pretty good Mayor. You might not able to replicate the management skills of a self-made billionaire, but there is a strong message there to hire competent technocrats to keep the wheels running.

If you do a good job, that is the best racial statement to make also. Bill Perkins should make it feel like it is but natural for a black person to be Mayor of New York City.

I have seen Anthony Weiner in action. His personality type is for legislative work, not an executive position. He should keep working the ladders in DC. He lacks the gravitas to be Mayor. Bill Perkins got the gravitas.

Jewish Governor, Black Mayor, brown friend to the Mayor: that will look good. Does someone running for Mayor get a running mate? Could Jessica be that person?

The subway, education, health, crime control, baby, you can keep. I am personally interested in only one thing, and that is to help ensure a total spread of democracy by 2020. The single best thing anyone could do to help achieve that goal is to give everyone who lives in this city a right to vote in the city elections. That will bring about a political mobilization that will be a huge boost to the democracy cause. This most progressive of all cities will simply have to deliver on this one, or it is lying in its progressive claim.

Bill Perkins for New York State Senate 2006
New York State Senator | 30th Senate District | Bill Perkins Perkins served on the New York City Council. During his eight year tenure, he was the third highest ranking member of the Council serving as the Deputy Majority Leader. ..... After graduating from Brown in 1972 with a BA in Political Science Perkins returned to and dedicated himself to giving back to his community through activism and public service.

7 Point Agenda For New York City

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7 Point Agenda For New York City

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