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When Attacked, Obama's Now Hitting Back Washington Post Obama lost the New Hampshire primary after attacks from his main rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, went largely unanswered ......... they also witnessed him engage in the more mundane task of rebutting attacks ...... Let no attack go unanswered. ....... Clinton won the primary with strong support from the mailings' target audiences -- women and working-class voters. ....... the Obama team is determined not to make the same mistake. Much of the feel-good imagery was ditched in the New England snow, and it has been replaced by a more traditional campaign that rebuts and prebuts, brags about endorsements, and engages with -- rather than floats above -- the competition. ....... Gone was the sense of easy confidence that Obama carried into the last debate before the Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary. ....... "Magic" Johnson calls Obama a "rookie." ..... a rebuttal noting that Johnson in his rookie year won the MVP award in the National Basketball Association finals. ...... on the final day of the campaign, volunteers reported with dismay that many voters were asking about Obama's stance on abortion rights. ...... This week, the campaign took a more combative approach. ....... Obama let the charge go unanswered in New Hampshire. ....... charged that Obama is "hip-deep in financial ties" to Chicago-based Exelon, a nuclear plant operator that supports the Yucca Mountain waste site ........ his barbs have grown sharper. ...... he is disorganized ...... Had Obama won in New Hampshire, said one prominent Democrat, he might have become the prohibitive favorite for the nomination, "but he wouldn't be ready for the general election, he wouldn't be ready for the White House."

Barack Obama Says Dems Are in ‘Fierce Battle’ as He Enters ... FOXNews she would be a “president whose plans change with the politics of the moment” — one of his most direct critiques of the New York senator yet. ...... a union supporting Obama that began running a Spanish-language radio ad slamming Clinton over the failed Nevada lawsuit to bar the so-called “casino caucuses.” ...... “Hillary Clinton does not respect our people. Hillary Clinton supporters went to court to prevent working people to vote this Saturday — that is an embarrassment. ...... “Hillary Clinton supporters want to prevent people from voting in their workplace on Saturday. This is unforgivable. Hillary Clinton is shameless. Hillary Clinton should not allow her friends to attack our people’s right to vote this Saturday. This is unforgivable; there’s no respect
Clinton and Obama seek to break deadlock in Nevada Guardian Unlimited Clinton maintaining a comfortable lead over her rivals with 41% of the vote. Obama was on 32% ...... Bill Clinton, who met with workers at the Bellagio casino, has also suggested that culinary union members are being told they must caucus for Obama. ....... a showdown between the major components of the Democratic power base in Nevada: the unions, which support Obama, and the party's leadership, which has come out for Clinton. ...... Clinton has solid support from Latino voters who favoured her by 50% to 29% over Obama ..... Obama dominated among African American voters. He had 65% support compared to 18% for Clinton. .... Clinton has a rally scheduled in Missouri while Obama heads south to Georgia.
Clinton, Obama spat turns nasty on eve of caucuses AFP Clinton nine points up on Obama in Nevada, 41 to 32 percent, ahead of the notoriously tough-to-poll caucuses.
Obama takes a new, direct approach to Clinton Newsday He ridiculed her economic revitalization plan as a rehash of his own, mocked her performance in Tuesday's Las Vegas debate and accused her campaign of intentionally distorting his positions. ...... he must sharpen his attacks to close the gap. ..... Thursday night when he used a little humor to mock Clinton, but with a biting edge. ...... "I have said over and over again I'm against Yucca. . . Suddenly you've got the Clinton camp out there saying, 'He's for Yucca.' What part of 'I'm not for Yucca' do you not understand?" Obama said, then laughed along with the audience.
Hillary Clinton speaks of her pain and shame Times Online I never doubted Bill’s love for me, ever,” Mrs Clinton said ...... “But I had to decide what I ought to do, I think it is so important to be able to hear yourself at a moment when it is hard . . . there are so many times when you really have to listen to yourself.” ........ she was asked by other women “all the time” about what to do with unfaithful husbands. ...... Obama said that he and the former Republican President were similar in their ability to inspire people. ..... repeatedly attacked Mrs Clinton for not “saying what she means”. ...... Obama, as a black man, is struggling to win over Hispanics in Nevada, despite his endorsement by the heavily Latino Culinary Workers Union, the state’s most powerful trade organisation.
Clinton camp appears in top form rolling into today's Nevada vote Seattle Post Intelligencer The charismatic senator has been drawing wildly enthusiastic crowds. But the ground game of Sen. Hillary Clinton is operating at top form, and "Hillaryland" took on its own hue in the campaign's closing hours. Color it brown, after the Clintons' intense and visibly successful courtship of the Silver State's large Hispanic community. ....... With Ragin' Cajun consultant-turned-pundit James Carville in tow, ex-President Clinton drove out in the desert to this retirement community Friday with a message: Don't believe the good news. "Who will win depends on who wants it the worst," he declared. ...... California, the biggest delegate prize ..... Bill Clinton always runs well on a muddy track. He has passed the skill on to the missus. ....... John Kerry was hitting the pavement for Obama ..... Spats over racially suggestive remarks by Clinton supporters seem to have driven African-Americans into the Obama camp. The Illinois senator's rallies feature two other areas of his bedrock appeal, independent voters and young people. ....... "It goes along with (Obama's) plan to invite Republicans to become Democrats tomorrow and then go back to being Republicans," he told the crowd here. ........ a federal freeze on foreclosures.
Clinton Seeks Blend of Policy and Persona New York Times There has been Strong-and-Experienced Hillary Clinton, but that proved to be so uninspiring that Change-Agent Hillary and Likable-Since-I-Was-a-Kid Hillary were rolled out. ...... Often referring to herself as a “pragmatist” who is in “the solutions business” ...... Mrs. Clinton was running to be White House chief of staff, while she and her team were saying that Mr. Obama would be so hands-off that he could not demand Truman-like accountability. ...... “in the event of an unexpected drop in poll numbers, this plane will be diverted to New Hampshire” ..... “My name is Hillary,” she told the press corps, “and I am so pleased to have most of you on board.”
It's back to the future for Clinton Toronto Star

Obama supporter warns Clinton over 'racism' Edith Childs, the black councillor who has become a talisman for Obama's campaign after giving him his "Fired Up! Ready To Go!" campaign slogan, said black voters in her home state were "insulted" by Mrs Clinton's attempts last week to downplay the role of Martin Luther King in the passage of civil rights legislation. ..... she also expressed dismay at a campaign speech by Bill Clinton, which some interpreted as a claim that Obama's candidacy was a "fairy tale". ..... the fairy tale comment and the statement about Dr King. You don't take these things lightly ...... "The senator has coped with more racism than many people. He had a black father and a white mother. That can make it more difficult. I think he can handle whatever is thrown at him." ...... Obama has opened up a two to one lead among black voters ..... "When he won Iowa, that helped me decide. It looks like he can win."
Bill's temper a problem for Clinton a series of angry red-faced outbursts. Campaign aides were so alarmed by his displays of temper that in recent days they prevented journalists from approaching Mr Clinton ...... televised harangue of a correspondent ..... Mr Clinton's headline-grabbing displays of bad temper have prompted renewed debate about whether he is an asset or liability to his wife. .... "He's a bit like Mount Vesuvius: he'll just erupt, but then it's over, because the good thing about his temper is that he doesn't bear grudges."
McCain on warpath in South Carolina For the first time he now beats both Democratic favourites Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in theoretical match-ups for November's presidential election. ...... "My friends, I want to stand before you now and tell you that if I have to follow him to the gates of hell I will get Osama bin Laden and I will bring him to justice. I will get him!" he said at several rallies. ..... In October 1967 his bomber was shot down over Hanoi. He parachuted into a lake and was nearly killed by a mob. He was a prisoner of war for the next five years, enduring solitary confinement and torture. But he refused to be freed when the North Vietnamese, seeking a propaganda victory, discovered he was the son of an admiral. Now aged 71, his upper body is rigid and he cannot lift his arms over his shoulders - his wife Cindy combs his hair. ...... criticises Mrs Clinton for backing £500 million in government funding for a museum commemorating the iconic 1969 Woodstock music festival. He says: "Now my friends, I wasn't there. I'm sure it was a cultural and pharmaceutical event ... I was, I was tied up at the time."