Who Is This Hillary Person? And Why Does She Keep Coming At Us?

Hillary, Fighter

Who is this Hillary person? And why does she keep coming at us?

The answer is Hillary really, really, really wants to be our Vice President. That is why she is so very relentless. Think about it. If she had lost New Hampshire, she would have been out before January was over. And then we Obama people would have been asking, so who do we want on the ticket? Edwards, the fighter? Spitzer, the fighter? Or Hillary the fighter? Fighter because she did start the Iraq War, did she not?

But Hillary would not have none of that. She was not about to get on Obama's short list of candidates. She wanted to be the only person on the list. And she dug hard and fought hard.

I am at a point now when I am beginning to think Hillary might be the one. Through January and February and now going into March, I have really had a chance to take a very close look at her. And so I am no longer wondering if someone else might look good on the ticket. The primary contests have served their purpose.

Who Is This Bill Clinton Guy? And Why Will He Not Go Away? On A Vacation?

Bill Clinton will be around on the political scene for a few more decades in various capacities, and I will not have it any other way. But I would like it if this guy went to the Bahamas for the next few months. I would be happy to organize a fundraiser to that effect if he were to express interest. He can call up his wife as much he wants from there. It is not like he does not get to talk politics.

Bill Clinton has been more of a nuisance than is becoming someone of his age, maturity and world renown. Instead of acting the elderly statesman, he has really gone down and dirty this campaign season, has he not?

Hillary Is A Good Looking Woman

It will be great to have her much on TV, which is where she will be as Vice President.

We Won Nevada, We Won Texas

This nomination fight is a race for delegates and we won both states.

Going Negative Worked For Clinton 08

It was the same playbook in New Hampshire. It was the same in Ohio. They dug up Rezko this time.

All attacks have to be answered. You don't have to get mean, you don't have to engage in the politics of personal destruction, but you do have to answer all attacks, especially the negative ones. Obama 08 missed out on this basic lesson in New Hampshire and again for March 4.

When You Get Hit, You Hit Back

The new kind of politics changes how you hit back, but it does not change that you do hit back.

NAFTA: We Did Not Handle It Well

Even people in Ohio who have suffered from the loss of manufacturing jobs realize the old days are not coming back. There is no going back. How better to manage the transition when the economy necessarily morphs? How to better handle retraining?

This is a really tough one. The suffering is real. The changes are inevitable. But the solutions, hard and elusive they might be, but they are all forward looking.

Takes Two Arms And Two Legs To Swim

Poor Rapid Response Mechanism

Obama 08 top campaign people are going to have to plug this hole, or the Clinton boys are going to keep going negative, and those negative attacks are going to keep working for them.

If Obama 08 does not plug this big, gaping hole, we might as well lose. Our guy ends up Vice President. What we need is a war room, a rapid response mechanism. Let no attack go unanswered.

In The News

Advisers for Clinton Plan the Endgame New York Times ground game, advertising budgets and a confidence-brimming outreach strategy ...... with her victories in Texas and Ohio last night, she can convince superdelegates to stand with her after a Pennsylvania victory. ...... Pennsylvania, which has 188 delegates at stake, could set up a powerful one-two punch two weeks later in the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, which have a combined 218 delegates ...... the final contest on June 7 in Puerto Rico, where 63 delegates will be at stake. ..... the Clinton campaign’s chief objective was not to sully Mr. Obama’s image or record, but to cast a spotlight on lightly examined or unknown aspects of both.

Clinton Sees New Race; Obama Talks Tough The Associated Press Obama blamed negative attacks by the former first lady for his defeats and quickly made good on a promise to sharpen his criticism of her. ...... Obama gained endorsements from superdelegates in Georgia, Vermont, Ohio, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. ...... talk of arranging for makeup primaries or caucuses in Michigan and Florida ...... Obama, on a long flight home to Chicago from Texas, told reporters he believed criticism like that helped send him to defeat.
Obama camp claims TX delegate victory MSNBC there are 611 delegates left to win in the Democratic race, and Clinton needs to win 60% of them to erase Obama's lead ..... Obama's campaign has less support in Pennsylvania than Clinton and more ground to make up.
Hillary discusses Clinton-Obama ticket for election Newsday, USA Clinton's victories yesterday "barely" put a "dent" in his lead. .... voters who made up their minds in the last three days voted overwhelmingly for her.