After A Week Of Freedom, Rudy's? SAFO?

Hillary's Westchester

It has been a week of living at the house of a family friend north of the city in Scarsdale, I believe it is in Westchester county. Never imagined I would share a county with Hillary. I have been a Hillary fan since 1991. But I hope to move to the city at the earliest. Believe it or not, but I miss the subway. The subway is the most New York thing about New York, I have long maintained.

No Anger

I am no Nelson Mandela, not even close, and you don't get time served credit for detention, but he came out not angry. They already took enough of my time, he said. I long made up my mind I was going to seek a fresh start, get back to work, take a second bite at the apple, take care of the legal details, but otherwise get back to working, living.

If I end up making some barbey comments, I hope all will take it in good faith. I am not angry, it is just that I have not blogged in a while. Allow me a few expletives here and there. Skip as necessary.

Fresh Start

My political contributions to Nepal and Obama have been through my digital democrat ways. So I thought I will give a few hours to Nepal and Obama each week, other than that I will steer clear of all political events in the city. Now I feel I should not be so hard on myself. So I am thinking of dropping by at Rudy's on Thursday and at this SAFO event. Likely Justin Krebs long forgot my name and face, but I will try my luck.

SAFO celebration Thursday, November 20th, 8:30pm at Apple Bar

Creative Angst

I feared I might have lost my man Friday Adam. But he is still on. He is now married. Anna is just an amazing human being. Lucky man Adam. I am trying to meet up with my second Adam. Hope that happens soon. At one level I do fear I might start going to too many events again. There is a part of me that says get totally consumed by the startup. No more political socializing. I am having to pick up the pieces. Six months lost, that means I get to shift the deadline for the two products by three months and get down to some intense work. It is called living dangerously, living on the edge.

A Different Kind Of Socializing

I keep talking about Web 2.0 and Web 5.0. If I were to totally subsume myself into startup work, I think that is going to greatly impact my socializing ways. You do the intense web 2.0 stuff for work, and you balance it out with intense 5.0 that is not formally work, but you could not do the 2.0 without the 5.0. Kind of like matter and antimatter. Got to coexist.

Dean, Barack

Dean 2004 was Grassroots 1.0, Obama 2008 has been Grassroots 2.0. I find myself wondering what shape and form Grassroots 3.0 will take.

My Cousin Barack

I want him to feel my physical absence and my love. He is my cousin like Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison are best friends. I am a Karl Rove he does not have to pay for, only I am no Karl Rove. That guy could never run for public office himself, I could, it is just that I don't see me doing it. Rove is short of a political genius. The thing is anyone standing next to Bush would look like a genius, why only Rove?

Barack's presidency is an amazing point in world history. And I am so glad I can follow his moves through Google News. In a city like NYC, almost everybody is a small fish in a big pond. Unless you are ridiculoulsy high wattage - like Barack and Hillary - you pretty much get the anonymity of being a nobody. Charming.

Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Globo Economics

Before Keynes and FDR came along, we had micro economics but no macro economics. I think this crisis will allow Barack to carve out a global financial architecture that will serve the planet for decades. Looks like everything is going global, including the American presidency. This dude did his elementary schooling in the Third World, like I did. I told you, he is my cuz.

Barack's New Kind Of Politics, My Nonviolent Militancy

I am a declared student of Barack's new kind of politics. For one Barack has proven it can be wildly successful. I don't fully get it, but I am learning, and I am also skeptical as to its universal appeal. I propose my nonviolent militancy to topple Third World dictators. And Barack's new kind of politics itself could be succeeded by what I might want to call scientific progressivism.

Barack And Race

My experience so far has been the average white American gets really unsettled when you just mention race as a topic. You don't have to accuse anyone of racism or get into the policy nitty gritty of race relations. You just mention race and people lose it.

Barack tackled that real well. By proving me wrong. My attitude was and still is we have to talk about race. That is how you make progress on race. He is like, no we don't. We make progress on race by not talking about race.

This dude is white. He was raised by a white mother, by white grandparents. I think Barack's mother has done as much for race in America as MLK. Because Barack is biracial he instinctively sees the stupidity of racial anxieties. That guy is black but no, he is not violent. That guy is white but no, he is not racist.


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