Darfur Solution: End The Dictatorship In Sudan

Darfur has been presented as a mystery problem for a long time now in the west. There is this huge humanitarian crisis, and noone seems to know how to fix it. Movie stars pay visits, and still nothing changes.

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There is a major problem in Darfur, but it is not a mystery problem. We know how to fix it. We can fix it. At the risk of sounding like Republicans who think tax cuts are the solution to every problem, I would like to suggest democracy is the solution in Darfur like everywhere else.

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There is a school of thought that says people make bad choices like violence. You can push that only so far. I happen to push that it is lack of infrastructure that gives rise to violence: political, social, economic infrastructure.

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Some say it is lack of resources, perhaps lack of water. There is a little bit of truth to that. But lack of resources should lead to competition or migration, not violence. When there is no political, social, economic infrastructure for competition and migration, you do end up with violence.

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You can blame one guy for the tragedy in Darfur.

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