Freedom, Finally

Six months of detention
One month city, five months immigration
Is finally over
The Tomb a week, Rikers Island a month
Three weeks at Varick, 50 days in Alabama
A week again at Varick, 45 days in New Jersey
Finally they gave bail
Loss of freedom, loss of privacy
Felt unreal
Life went off the tracks
The low point of my life
Now I get to pick up the pieces
And take a second bite
At the big apple
Barack got elected, and I got released
Barack's election has been good for me
I guarantee
McCain did not miss
Three years of living in the city
Thought particle to thought particle
Intense web 2.0
For Nepal, Obama, for a startup
I paid for it with weak social muscles
Now I know intense 2.0
Asks for intense 5.0
One without the other is vacuous existence
5.0 is face time
Call it repackaging hello
The best thing to come out of six months
Now I got an exercise program
For the first time in life
600 pushups on Mondays and Thursdays
600 crunches on Tuesdays and Fridays
600 situps on Wednesdays and Saturdays
Sunday is off
I also got much writing done
I will add a few hundred pages of autobiography
And publish a book online
In a few months
I still got a political asylum case to fight
A company to bring back to life
A residence to seek
For now I say hello, salam, namaste

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The Spirit Longs For Freedom
November 8, 2008

I don't know
When they will let me go
Every month since June I have thought
That was my last month in detention
This has gone on for five months
I long to be free

New York City
The first hometown I ever had
I so long to walk
Up and down the New York City streets
I so miss broadband and Broadway, the street

Noodle soup beneath the Manhattan Bridge
In Chinatown, extra spicey, extra hot
Dumplings, momo, like in Kathmandu
In Jackson Heights, the 99 cent pizza place on 41st and Ninth

Random, long walks all across Brooklyn
At all hours of day and night
To drink in the city, crisscross Harlem, the myth and locality
Long walks in Prospect Park

Beautiful women, crisp, curt men
Black, brown, white, yellow people
The homeless and those who call the Trump Tower home
The slimey subway, like serpents sliding through tunnels

I miss work
Being able to pour myself into
My oh so young company
That will define the next era of computing

Detention has been time for exercise and reflection
But for how long does it have to go
I wrote to the Department of Homeland Security
If you can't get Bin Laden, and if you can't recognize
The un-Bin Laden, how do you call yourself
A Department of Homeland Security

I miss freedom
I miss New York
The city longs for me
I long for the city