Clinton 08 Is Getting Desperate

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Do-or-die Hillary turns bully as Obama Times Online an air of desperation in Hillary Clinton’s camp. ..... Obama, 46, is being tarred as a cultish, messianic figure who talks big but cannot deliver. ..... white women, blue collar workers and Hispanics – her core supporters – have begun to peel away. ...... Privately, her mood has darkened after losing eight primaries and caucuses in a row. The reali-sation that without a series of huge victories in the remaining contests it is impossible for Clinton to win enough “pledged” delegates to clinch the nomination has sent her staff into shock. ...... Tempers have been running high within the Clinton camp. ..... Insiders say the atmosphere is dark, even though the fight is not over yet. ..... there have been too many chiefs and not enough Indians ....... friends of Bill or “white boys”, as Penn and Terry McAu-liffe, the campaign chairman, are known, have long viewed “Hillaryland” – the closed circle of female friends – with suspicion. ....... “There was a feeling that nobody was in charge,” said one observer. “She would try to play honest broker and go to Hillary with, ‘Mark says this, Mandy says that, Howard [Wolfson, her communications chief] says this’ when what they needed was a general.” ....... she did not have the nerve to tell her the campaign was haemorrhaging cash at an alarming rate, a troubling sign of the fear and apprehension that Clinton inspires among staff. ....... staff blew through a mind-boggling $130m and still ended up out-organised by Obama ...... Obama ahead by 47% to 43% ....... Bill Clinton is also campaigning with begging bowl in hand for funds. ...... Daughter Chelsea, 27, has gone from silent campaign accessory to full-throttle surrogate, holding rallies of her own on college campuses. Only now is Clinton’s campaign beginning to invest in states that have yet to vote, after assuming that Obama would at this stage be out of the race. ......... Clinton’s camp has been circulating stories criticising the “cult” of Obama in the hope of portraying “Obamania” as a mass delusion ........ “Media figures call Obama supporters’ behaviour ‘creepy’, compare them to Hare Krishna and Charles Manson followers”. ....... The campaign entered a nasty phase last week with the determination of Clinton’s team to revive delegates from the “ghost” primaries of Michigan and Florida, by legal action if necessary. ..... Even some Clinton supporters are aghast at the prospect that she might try to “steal” the election in this way. ..... her last stand at the Alamo. Her Texas firewall may already be crumbling: one poll on Friday put Obama ahead by 48% to 42% ...... Many Democrats predict a bloody civil war should Obama be defeated by the white men in suits who have run the party for decades. ...... Party leaders are watching her performance with apprehension, wondering if she really is willing to tear the Democrats apart in order to capture every last vote. Nancy Pelosi said: “It would be a problem for the party if the verdict would be something different than the public has decided.” ....... Obama’s ability to outmanoeuvre Clinton is showing in the battle for superdelegates. ...... Obama was already planning for the long game.
Clinton Campaign Gearing Up For Convention Showdown CBS News behind the scenes, the Hillary Clinton campaign is gearing up for what could be a nasty fight over the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in August. ...... "The Clinton campaign should focus on winning pledged delegates as a result of elections, not these say or do anything to win tactics that could undermine Democrats’ ability to win the general election.”
Clinton Aide Wants Mich., Fla. Delegates The Associated Press
Op-Ed Columnist The Grand Old White Party Confronts Obama
New York Times Regardless of party, it’s hara-kiri for a politician to step into the shadow of even a mediocre speech by Barack Obama. ...... Letterman memorably pegged its lineup of presidential contenders last spring as “guys waiting to tee off at a restricted country club.” ...... McCain jokingly invoked the Obama slogan “I am fired up and ready to go” ...... the G.O.P. looks more like a nostalgic relic than a national political party in contemporary America. A cultural sea change has passed it by. ...... What was only months ago an exotic political experiment is now almost ho-hum. ...... vestiges of the Southern strategy persist in some Republican quarters. ..... Jerry Falwell, once an ardent segregationist, and Pat Robertson, a longtime defender of South African apartheid ....... nativist overkill on illegal immigration. ...... a 2000 Republican National Convention that had more African-Americans onstage than on the floor ....... the so-called millennial generation (dating from 1982) is the largest in American history, boomers included, and that roughly 40 percent of it is African-American, Latino, Asian or racially mixed ....... In the vast arena of the Internet he has been shrunk to Grumpy Old White Guy, the G.O.P. brand incarnate. ....... if she tosses her party into civil war by grabbing ghost delegates from Michigan and Florida. ..... the Republican Party will face Mr. Obama with a candidate who reeks even more of the past and less of change than Mrs. Clinton does. ...... “I am tired of fighting the Vietnam war. I have drifted toward Obama.” ..... it is Mr. Allen who is the foreigner in 21st century America, Mr. Allen who is in the minority in the real world of Virginia. A national rout in 2008 just may be that Republican Party’s last stand.

Obama's Momentum vs. the Clintons' Moxy Forbes, USA Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton 49% to 37% among likely Democratic primary voters. ..... on February 14 the United Food and Commercial Workers, one of the largest unions in the country, endorsed Barack Obama. The backing of both unions will strengthen Obama’s support in the Hispanic community.