John McCain Has Carly Fiorina On His Mind

John McCain looks in Carly Fiorina's direction and he likes what he sees. He is like, dang, I can't be black, but I sure can get a woman on the ticket. Otherwise I have no chance at this thing. I might have no chance regardless, but at least if I have Carly on the ticket, I prevent total collapse in November. That is the John McCain thought train, and I admire him for that.

This video below is by yours truly. I am a Carly admirer. I think she was very unfairly thrown out of HP. It was sexist.

McCain might look like a tough guy because he has been a vet, but he is hopeless on economic issues. He needs desperate help. And who better than Carly? It is a thumbs up from me. I am a Carly Fiorina fan.

Without Carly on the ticket, McCain will get trounced. He might carry five states in November.

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