Caroline Kennedy Is No Sarah Palin, She Is No Airhead

I Like The Caroline Kennedy Name

There are people who have started saying Caroline Kennedy is an airhead. Barack Obama went to Harvard Law School. Noone is calling Barack Obama an airhead. My lawyer Rudra went to Harvard Law School. Noone is calling Rudra an airhead. Caroline went to Harvard Law. To call her an airhead is fundamentally sexist. As long as the US Senate does not become 50% female, I am going to keep calling it a sexist institution. We need more women there, not less. This is an opportunity to get a woman in there, a qualified woman, a compassionate woman, a woman who matches Hillary pound for pound in progressive symbolism: Hillary is a Clinton, Caroline is a Kennedy.

There are people who are saying because Caroline is a Kennedy, that makes her an airhead. She is all name and no substance. I wonder how Senator Ted feels about that.

Hillary put 18 million cracks into not just one glass ceiling, but many. Let women like Caroline benefit.

There are some local pols who are threatening to show up in the 2010 primary if Caroline is nominated now. I say, let them. I have not heard of any of them before, and even now I don't much care for their names. If I never heard of you before, how prominent are you really locally?

Caroline is one name being considered who the upstate people are not going to use against Paterson in 2010. Caroline is a lifeline to Paterson. She is also Paterson's shot at a tryst with destiny. A legally blind guy should have compassion for a gender challenged person. All women are gender challenged. This is a sexist country.

Bill Clinton also raised $350 million like Caroline, but he raised it for his library. Caroline raised it for a good cause.