Polls Don't Mean S__t: February 5 Can Be Had

Polls put Barack and Hillary at 38 to 30 in South Carolina with Hillary gaining a few points on the final day. But the final tally was more like 55 to 27.

Polls put Hillary as leading all February 5 states except Illinois and Georgia. Polls don't mean s__t.

Let's Finish This Thing On February 5

I am not one for waiting. Don't take me to March. Finish this thing on February 5. Let's go win this thing. We have a world to change.

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Obama 2008 is the largest grassroots movement this world ever saw. This is bigger than Gandhi's Salt March. This is bigger than MLK's march on DC. This is bigger than the million man march. This is bigger than Dean 2004.

Let's whip up our volunteer base like we have not in all of 2007 and so far in 2008. Let's whip up for money, let's whip up for time. Whip it up to knock on doors, whip it up to make phone calls, to hand out flyers.

If it is worth pounding the pavements for Barack all February, and all March, and all April, and all summer if need be, it is worth pounding the pavements for Barack for just one intense week and be done with it. If you are willing to do it for three months, and I know you are, why will you not be willing to do it for just one week and be done with it?

Be done with it.

This is the final countdown.

Pound. Pick up that phone. Make that phone call. Go knock on that door.

Give me the best cheetah sprint you can give. This week. This is the week.

The moment we have been waiting for is here. Seize it.

As for me, I am going to do the subway thing myself. I am going to connect one person at a time. In person. I bought a weekly pass yesterday for 24 bucks. I am going to do the photocopy thing soon. First I am going to print out the flyer at the local library. I know, I don't got no printer. I am a totally online person. Printers were before the internet. Then I am going to the local corner store where I buy an occasional Pepsi before going underground and off to the city. And I am going to make copies, five cents a piece. And I am going to talk to people. Every waking hour until February 5 belongs to Barack.

I am going to dress warm. I was at cold at the two outdoors events over the weekend. I am going to put on my woolen socks I bought in Kathmandu in 1996. And a woolen cap. And gloves.

And I am going to work the city.

Barack, you are a cheetah from the African savannah. Go, get 'em, tiger.

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