February 5: Big Prizes

Barackface: 173 Vs 1433 Delegates: February 5 Is Key (August 31, 2007)

The February 5 states have been holding up. There is some movement as Obama gains in name recognition, but otherwise the February 5 states are acting like the January states don't matter. Howard Dean might just have managed to scuttle the importance of the early states in the nomination process.

Clinton, California

I am impressed with Hillary's strength in California. It has largely sustained. If she carries New York and California by a decent margin, it is over.

500 Years, 10,000 Years

White folks carry 500 years worth of guilt. Men carry 10,000 years worth of guilt. I think it is inevitable by now that both Barack and Hillary are going to end up on the ticket. It is just that people like me hope it is Barack, and Hillary supporters support Hillary. We are all Democrats, we are all progressives. This is our year.

Hillary's Gender Card

It worked great twice. She cried in New Hampshire. She talked Monica in Nevada. Expect her to play the gender card again on February 4.

Could Barack Turn It Around

I think he could. He has to address the race issue head on, or the racial polarization from his South Carolina victory will hurt him on February 5. Barack has to tackle race and gender.

Tackling Race As An Issue The Average Person Way
How To Play The Race Card In South Carolina


I think we are at an amazing point in history when we find a black dude and a woman are going to be on the same winning ticket. The collective guilt on race and gender has hit tipping point. And these are two amazingly talented people. If you are a black guy, and if you are a woman, you necessarily have to be extra smart to get to the top. These two are extra smart.


There are so many women out there. And gender as it might play out in relationships, and career challenges, they are all over the place. I can see why women might identify with Hillary. They might feel like, finally, after a lifetime of getting gender-skewed by the social reality. They might also feel like if not now then when. It might be a long time before another viable woman candidate shows up. But if Hillary becomes Vice President or President, I think that will begin a new era of women rising up in politics, in this country and in most other countries.

Bill Clinton Is Loving It

He is one of those guys born for retail politics. He is loving it in South Carolina, pressing the flesh.

600 Page Hits

Looks like this blog got 600 page hits yesterday.

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Tough to Campaign for Hillary, Bill Clinton Says New York Times campaigning for his wife was much harder than campaigning for himself ...... “When I was running, I didn’t give a rip what anybody said about me. It’s weird, you know, but if you love somebody, you’d think they’d be good — it’s harder.” ...... But Mrs. Clinton is back in South Carolina today, and it will be interesting to see how much attention shifts back to her.
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Bloomberg voters say they want both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on a national ticket ...... Three out of five supporters of each candidate say they would like Clinton or Obama, if nominated, to choose the other as a running mate. ...... no contender in either party can claim the title of front- runner ..... ``She's really intelligent and straightforward and she's a good problem solver. He lifts your imagination.''