Don't Do The Bill Richardson Thing

Don't do the Bill Richardson thing. No Hispanic ever found out he was Hispanic. Or he would have done better, at least better than some other single digit people. He sure had an impressive resume. But if you can't even win your own homeground, why will white people - white women - take you seriously? Bill Richardson never was able to get past the Hispanics thinking he is Anglo. His first and last names are Anglo.

I am disappointed Barack as the first nonwhite who has a clear shot at the presidency has not been able to reach out to the Hispanics. Hillary has been striking all the right Democratic notes on immigration, but it is Barack who has been out there on the cutting edge of immigration. Hillary does what is safe, Barack does what is right. And the difference is stark on how the two handle immigration.

But the Hispanics don't know. They are all enamored with the fact that Bill Clinton is not your classic southern white male racist dude. Hillary's name recognition helps her even more among the less well educated Hispanics. They have heard the Clinton name and they like it. There is also some anti-black Hispanic prejudice going on. Curious.

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And it is Michelle Obama who has a working class background. If the blue collar workers of America want themselves represented in the White House, you put Michelle there in as First Lady. Hillary has so much money she thinks people making more than $97,000 a year are middle class.

Clinton 2008 peddled lies about Barack's pro-choice position in New Hampshire and successfully so. Clinton 2008 used strong arm tactics in Nevada and successfully so. If they manage to do it one more time on February 4, we are over. If you can't even protect yourself and your image and your record and your campaign, how can you protect the American people from Bin Laden? That is what people end up asking.

Clinton 2008 and shadow forces that have been dishing out viral emails that say Barack is Muslim, they have to be countered.

Barack has to lay claim to the Hispanic vote, and Michelle has to lay claim to her solidly working class family background. Barack will be JFK as president, but he was no JFK as a child or in his youth. For a long time the dude did not have enough money, and he was bumming cigarettes from others.

Sophisticated Surfacing

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Bill Clinton Stirs Crowds, Critics on Stump Wall Street Journal For nearly three hours, the former president held sway with a friendly crowd ..... Mr. Clinton can't seem to talk to a reporter these days without getting into a shouting match ..... Mr. Clinton's actions were reminiscent of the late Republican strategist Lee Atwater, known for bare-knuckled politicking. ...... "If you've got to go, please go, but remember I asked for your vote." ..... Obama tries to win the nomination with a novel coalition of independents, Republicans, and Democrats ....... "The whole idea of universal healthcare is such a core Democratic principle that I am willing to go to the mat for it," she said in last night's debate. ..... his campaign is targeting congressional districts in upcoming primaries and caucuses where independents and Republicans carry influence ..... Clinton won Nevada and New Hampshire in part because she beat Obama by double digits among self-identified Democrats; Obama won Iowa by barely edging Clinton among Democrats but racking up big margins among Republicans and independents.
Battle to win reverses Clinton, Obama roles Boston Globe
Tired Bill turns off anger Chicago Sun-Times spent three hours answering questions about his wife Hillary's policies on Social Security, health care, Iraq and the environment. ...... that Hillary's father was an "old rascal" and he dearly would have loved to see Hugh Rodham's face when he learned "his little girl was running for president." ...... On Wednesday, Bill Clinton lashed out against CNN's Jessica Yellin, who raised questions about Barack Obama's claims the Clintons were distorting his record. ...... sent a man to the moon and created the Internet.
Giuliani faces Florida freefall as campaign plans backfire Guardian Unlimited Giuliani's strategy of ignoring the earlier caucus and primary states and staking everything on Florida is now beginning to shape up as one of the biggest miscalculations in US election history. ...... McCain, who so far has not shown a strong grasp of economics
Republicans Focus On Economy And Clinton In Cordial Debate U.S. News & World Report CBS also reported on "the growing annoyance among supporters of the Clinton who is running with the actions of the Clinton who is not." ...... we all know that John F. Kennedy chose Lyndon Johnson, but I can't even imagine [these] people coming together ........ Amongst blacks, it's Obama, 59%. Clinton, 25%. Edwards 4%. With white voters, Barack Obama at 10%. Clinton at 35%. And John Edwards with 40% leading the field with white voters in South Carolina. ...... Senator John McCain of Arizona is the only Republican who promises to end the George Bush style of governing from and on behalf of a small, angry fringe. With a record of working across the aisle to develop sound bipartisan legislation, he would offer a choice to a broader range of Americans than the rest of the Republican field. ...... The next president needs to start immediately on challenges that will require concrete solutions, resolve, and the ability to make government work. Mrs. Clinton is more qualified, right now, to be president" despite the "enticing" upside of a Barack Obama presidency. ..... Jay Leno: "Did you all see 'American Gladiators' the other night? Not the NBC show, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama." ..... Jay Leno: "Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee are both asking their staffs to work without pay. They want them to work without pay to help them get across their message, 'I'm the best one to fix the economy.'"
India to join nuclear mainstream expected to spend an estimated $30 billion on defence purchases over the next five years. ... France was the second largest arms supplier to India after Russia but has now been overtaken by Israel. .... Sarkozy will be the guest of honour at India's Republic Day celebrations Saturday.
Clinton, Obama Back Off Attacks Washington Post Clinton retreated first. ..... Even former president Bill Clinton -- the catalyst for much of the heated rhetoric between the two campaigns this week -- toned down his comments in a series of town hall meetings that saw the return of his political alter ego, the policy wonk. ...... "I'm just a hired hand here, and I work for nothing" .... "I don't feel the candidates are being bloodied up," Obama said. "This is good practice for me so, you know, when I take on these Republicans I'll be accustomed to it." ...... "Black voters shouldn't blame Senator Clinton for running a vigorous campaign against me," he said. "That should be a source of pride. It means I might win this thing. When I was 20 points down, I was a 'person of good character' and my health-care plan was 'universal.' The fact that we've got this fierce contest indicates I'm doing well, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that."
Poll: Clinton, McCain Hold Primary Leads The Associated Press Clinton's 24-point lead shrunk in the past month to 15 points as Obama picked up support. Clinton still leads among women and men, liberals and non-liberals. She holds a 3-to-1 edge over Obama with Hispanics.
Michelle Obama Finds Her Voice Too TIME This week, for the first time since Barack Obama launched his campaign 11 months ago, Michelle Obama has left the couple's two young girls at home with her mother and hit the campaign trail full-time. While she's no Bill Clinton, Obama does have sharp elbows. One of her more pointed remarks is about how "things have gotten continually worse over my lifetime," implying the Clinton era did little to help "regular folks" like her and her family. ....... The only amazing thing about my life is that a man like my father could raise a family of four on a single city worker's salary. ..... growing up between Hawaii and Indonesia, to which few of his supporters can relate. ..... the story of my father is the story of America, I don't care what color what folks are, I don't care if they grew up on a farm or in the inner city ..... how a "little black girl from the south side of Chicago" could be "the next First Lady" ...... You're too tall," she said as the audience chuckled (Michelle is 5'11") ..... "Each and every one of you here has heard and felt those ceilings, somebody pushing you down, defining your limitations ....... From her shy, awkward first months in a role that she talks frankly about not wanting, Michelle Obama is finding her voice.
How An Italian Government Falls
Obama wins endorsement of largest South Carolina newspaper Baltimore Sun
Clinton, McCain win New York Times endorsements Reuters the depth of her knowledge, by the force of her intellect and by the breadth of, yes, her experience
Fighting with your spouse can make you live longer: study Fighting with your spouse can actually be good for your health with people who bottle it all up found to die earlier ...... four categories: where both partners expressed anger when they felt unfairly attacked, where neither partner expressed their anger, and one category each for where the wife suppressed her feelings and where the husband did so. ..... if you don't express your feelings to your partner and tell them what the problem is when you're unfairly attacked, then you're in trouble ....... those who kept their anger in were twice as likely to die earlier than those who don't. ...... resentment was the real threat -- and suppressing anger led to resentment ...... it is the resentment that interacts with any medical vulnerabilities a person might have ..... "It's healthy to recognize that you're being attacked unfairly and it's even more healthy to speak up and to talk about it and try to resolve the problem if you want to live longer"
Obama Accuses Clinton of Suppressing Nevada Vote AlterNet the Clinton campaign gave precinct captains guidebooks that told them to close the doors to caucuses at 11:30 a.m. a half hour before the party-sanctioned start time. Once the caucus doors are shut, no more participants are allowed inside. ...... Clinton campaign workers also blocked Obama voters from signing in at the caucus -- preventing them from participating, and that some ballot cards given to attendees were pre-marked for Clinton. ....... The letter, by Obama's campaign attorney, Bob Bauer, one of the country's top election lawyers, said the Clinton campaign encouraged its representatives to stretch the rules. ..... more than 1,000 complaints ..... an entire week's worth of false, divisive, attacks


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