Lipstick On A Pig

Palin Is Lipstick, McCain The Pig: Lipstick On A Pig
September 22, 2004
201 Varick St, NYC

Sarah Palin is a career woman, and that is amazing, but that was made possible by the struggle of progressive women a generation ago. Sarah Palin being a career woman is proof progressive politics works for women. But Sarah Palin is not where women want to be a generation from now, or today. She is wrong on policy. She is conservative and wrong on life choice issues. Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton. She will set the clock back on issues that matter to progressive women. She might never accumulate the power to overturn Roe V. Wade, but she sure has tried her entire career, and she will not cease and desist. 10% of the Hillary women itching to vote for Palin and the devil, what are you thinking? Did you check with Hillary?

When Hillary was at Yale and dating Bill Clinton she was a no makeup woman. There sure is something sexist about makeup, especially lipstick, especially thick lipstick. Bill Clinton's mother came to see the woman that he was apparently serious about. Her reaction? "Can't you get something that looks more like a woman?" Bill Clinton's mother Virginia belonged to a whole different generation of women. She was a thick makeup woman. She was used to painting her face. The symbolism of a Sarah Palin harkens to that bygone era. Lipstick is only lipstick but the symbolism of it is immense. I am not for or against lipstick. I don't judge women who wear lipstick. Most of them look just fine. But there is something inherently sexist about makeup. It goes with the objectification of women as a gender. Sarah Palin's gender policies will take women back to a bygone era. She is to women what Clarence Thomas is to blacks. Looks can be deceiving. Progressive women, beware. Democratic women, beware.

Why would anyone want four more years of Bush-Cheney-McCain-Palin? Have you not seen enough damage? Over eight years Bush-Cheney-McCain-Palin have blown up the public sector's finances, and they have blown up the private sector's finances. What is there left for them to blow that you will give them four more years? The Great Depression asked for a Franklin Roosevelt. The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression asks for a Barack Obama. It is okay that he is black.

The way elections work is one person wins, another person loses. Barack won the Democratic primary. Hillary lost. It is not like Bush said to Kerry in 2004, you almost won, so you get to appoint half the people to the cabinet. The idea always was that one person between Barack and Hillary will win, and the party will unify behind the winner after the primary was over. The 18 million people who voted for Hillary are all Democrats. They all now get to vote for the Barack-Biden ticket. Just take a look at McCain's picture. He is scary. Don't vote for him.

Vote for Barack. Vote for Biden. Biden, what a man.Biden is that man who will deliver that crucial state of Pennsylvania to the Democrats and will tilt the election in our favor. He is a man for the working class. 35 plus years in the Senate and his net worth is $150,000. At least Biden knows how many houses he owns. McCain is pie in the sky out of touch. Someone ask McCain on national TV how much for a gallon of milk. He doesn't know. You got that tip from me. 35 plus years in the Senate and Biden has refused to live in that city. He is not your Beltway candidate. Palin, on the other hand, might be from another country altogether. She thinks Grand Rapids is in Iowa. You want an outsider but not that much of an outsider.

Biden is a top mind on foreign policy. Barack is lucky to have him on the ticket. A new, young president can't afford to have third rate Third World dictators test his timbre. Biden will make sure that does not happen. The Barack-Biden ticket, oh what a ticket.

John McCain has been a rubber stamp to the Bush-Cheney policies over the past eight years. He has parroted Bush on Iraq. He has gone along with Bush's reckless financial policies. To elect McCain to fix the meltdown on Wall Street would be like hiring a burglar to guard your house. How much sense does that make? The burglar will steal some more, folks. Connect the dots. Let me help you connect the dots.

Someone once said John McCain is a war hero. War hero? What war hero? The dude was fighting the wrong war. Martin Luther King opposed that war. Bobby Kennedy opposed that war. A young idealist Bill Clinton opposed that war. Remember? McCain was fighting the wrong war. That makes him a pig. To make a pig look beautiful you are going to need a lot of lipstick. One Palin is not enough.

There is going to be some party crossover. Some Democrats are going to vote for McCain-Palin. Many Republicans are going to vote for Barack-Biden. Most independents are going to vote for Barack-Biden. I am not worried some Democrats might vote for McCain-Palin. The party needs some weeding out anyways. Jesus. Don't they understand that to vote for McCain-Palin is to vote for Bush-Cheney? I have pictures of McCain with Bush.

Bush-McCain blew up a trillion dollars and counting in Iraq. Do these people think money grows on trees?

By his own admission John McCain is an economic illiterate. That is not the guy you need at the helm at this time, if ever. You elect him president and the final two investment banks will also vanish. Mark my word.

I mean the guy is 74. You elect him and in a few years Palin is going to end up president. Do you really want that? She is going to make Dan Quayle look like Albert Einstein's cousin. Think about it. The guy can't lift his shirt.

Barack's time is now. Elect Barack. Go Barack Obama. Go Joe Biden. Think health care, think Barack. Think Social Security, think Barack. Think fiscal sanity, think Barack. Think peace, think Barack. Lipstick on a pig is a grand illusion, and it is not in Michigan, it is on a national ticket.

After 500 Years, Finally Barack
August 23, 2008
Uniontown, Alabama

If the white male bonds with the white female based on racism, if the white female bonds with the white male based on racism, if the white male and the white female bond based on sexism, those are all non progressive social arrangements. Racism and sexism come in the form of comments and attitudes. If the white male bonds with the minority male based on sexism, that is not progressive. If the minority male bonds with minority female based on sexism, that is not progressive. If a minority male bonds with another minority male based on racism, internalized racism, that is not progressive either. If a minority female bonds with another minority female based on sexism, internalized sexism, that is not progressive either. Racism and sexism are like radiation, they can near objectively be identified and measured. Racism hurts, but so does internalized racism. The two are mirror images of each other. Internalized racism can play a major role in the breakdown of the family, for example. Black on black violence is a concrete manifestation of internalized racism. Race relations and gender relations are both like marriage. If the races and genders were or could stay out of each other's sights we would not be talking race and gender relations. They will not, they can not, then don't want to, and so we have race relations and gender relations. Race and gender become complicated as identity politics. People look unthinking, incapable of progress even when that progress might be win-win. Reality feels like inertia. Race and gender become more manageable as issue politics. Then we start thinking. We start measuring, we start observing, we start taking action. Social illness starts feeling like biological illness. Treatment feels possible. Race is America's original sin. Noone quite knows race like the blacks. The challege for black America is to stop using the word nigger. The challenge is to never forget slavery and segregation, but to work to create a new black identity that is not about slavery and segregation, but Africa. The challenge for black America is to discover Africa, the continent in its entirety, and to forge active bonds with that continent, to adopt towns, claim its art, culture, languages, traditions, the entire gamut of heritage, and also its challenges of getting rid of the remaining dictators, fighting AIDS, easing ethnic tensions, eradicating poverty, bringing about total debt relief. There is nothing vague about race relations. The challenges are rather concrete. Harlem is the capital of black America. Harlem has its work cut out. There is effort to be made, new political, social, economic space to be created. The top entrepreneurs will tell you,wealth is literally created out of thin air. Similarly political, social, economic space is created out of thin air. The new, positive black identity has to be created out of thin air. This is not about black America saying now it is our turn, we are going to push out the whites and take their place. The white space will not shrink, the black space will expand, and in the process the already big white space will expand even further. When China grows richer, America grows even richer. It is like that. After 500 years, finally Barack.