Paterson Needs Caroline To Get To Barack

The New York Governor might like the idea of a New York Senator who is a family friend to the First Family, especially in these trying times when even the state of New York is angling for some major federal dollars.

I don't know much about Andrew Cuomo. When Bill Clinton started thinking about running for president, he saw a big gorrilla standing in his way, then New York Governor Cuomo. Good thing Gulf War I happened, and Bush I looked so popular Cuomo decided not to run. Otherwise Clinton was running scared. So I guess you could argue Andrew Cuomo is from a political family.

And the junior ended up in Clinton's cabinet. Then he famously shared a stage with Bill Clinton where the retired president said the only person on stage who did not have a political future was Bill Clinton. Cuomo ran then did not run for Governor. He became Attorney General. When he did, he had big shoes to fill. Spitzer had been a stellar Attorney General.

But like JFK said when people argued Lyndon Johnson had been great in the Senate. I agree, he said, and that is why I think he should continue in the Senate. New Yorkers elected him to be Attorney General, not Senator. I hear he has been doing a good job. So why not keep him in the job?

Caroline personifies access to the new president, sheer access. These are trying times. New York lost two of its four major banks. The finance sector is in a major league mess. The tax base stands depleted. Federal help is needed.

Cuomo looks a little more comfortable in front of the TV cameras. Is that good or bad? Neither. The dude has been in front of the press more often. That is all that means. But this is no popularity contest. I am not pushing Caroline for American Idol. I am pushing her for US Senator. That is some somber responsibility. Especially in these trying times.

Advice For Caroline
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I Like The Caroline Kennedy Name

I guess I have a soft spot for Caroline because she endorsed Barack at a time when I was running a little nervous on his behalf. But I am allowed that. But I would not be pushing her name if I did not think she was qualified. Bloomberg is Mayor, and he thinks her plenty qualified. (Independent For Bloomberg)

I am supporting Caroline. But then I am also supporting Blommberg for a third term. You can't be Governor and not want to get along with the Mayor of New York City. Bloomberg wants Caroline.

Barack is for Caroline, it is just that he can't say it. Harry Reid is for Caroline. Now that guy knows the US Senate. Obviously he thinks Caroline is plenty qualified. I think Charles Schumer also wants Caroline.

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