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India Celebrates a Hollywood Victory New York Times Its depictions of filth and brutality fueled angry blogging and stray street protests. It drew unusually intense scrutiny, for everything from how much its child actors were paid to what the composer A. R. Rahman would wear to the Oscars. But on Monday, as India woke up to news of the spectacular wins by “Slumdog Millionaire” at the Academy Awards, this movie-mad country went “Jai Ho.” ...... The story dominated television news throughout the day. News of a hepatitis B outbreak in western Gujarat State and a southern politician’s threatened hunger strike seemed minor by comparison. ....... “We rocked the world” ....... India seized on its Oscar wins as a sign of its arrival on the world stage. ........ In his small town in south India, neighbors and kin were shown passing a big plate of sweets and crying tears of joy. ....... even the prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh, congratulated the “Slumdog” team, along with the makers of another winning film, “Smile Pinki,” a short documentary about a village girl with a cleft palate. “The winners have done India proud” ....... (In 1992 the Indian director Satyajit Ray was awarded the Oscar for lifetime achievement.) ....... It was shot on the streets of Mumbai, unlike most Indian films. And about a third of the dialogue is in Hindi. ........ Mr. Rahman, whose compositions weave sounds from all over the world with a deeply Indian sensibility. ....... “Even when ‘Gandhi’ won the Oscar for best picture all those years ago, we never felt that it was India’s victory,” he wrote. “I don’t know if this is a breakthrough for India, or whether we will be able to follow it up. But some things seem clear. Anil Kapoor is now the world’s most famous Bollywood actor — and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Nobody will be able to talk about world music without including Rahman as its leading star.” ......... two of the film’s youngest stars, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 10, and Rubina Ali Qureshi, 9, are enrolled. The children still live in a sprawling shantytown whose name, Garib Nagar, literally means the enclave of the poor. The filmmakers pay their school fees. ........ the story of “Slumdog” echoed the stories of hundreds of Indian children she had met. “This is the way it really is,” she said. “We can’t ignore it. We have to face it. I mean Indians as a whole.” ..... the people of Garib Nagar had stayed up much of the night in anticipation, then greeted the victory on Monday morning with firecrackers and boisterous handmade drums ..... “She has crossed the ocean,” Mrs. Qureishi said. “With God’s blessing she will return.”
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Lalu-Paswan bonhomie worries Cong in Bihar Economic Times “Prasad’s sudden closeness to Paswan is aimed at pressurising the Congress into accepting to contest only on four seats, which we were forced to accept last time,” a senior party leader from Bihar, who declined to be named, said.
Oscars Boost India Film Industry BusinessWeek Until this year, Indians never took much interest in the Oscars— ........ The country may have the world's most prolific film industry, but Bollywood has long had a dismal showing at the Oscars. ...... Lagaan, a colonial tale with cricket as a backdrop, was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in 2002 ...... a rich haul of eight Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. ...... Allah Rakha Rahman—known as the Mozart of Madras—getting the Oscar for Best Music Score and sharing the Oscar with countryman Gulzar for Best Original Song, and Resul Pookutty winning for Best Sound Mixing. The Slumdog victory is the top story on Indian news channels ....... unlike most foreign films made in India, Slumdog is like a typical Bollywood film, complete with the local industry's favorite seasonings of survival, love, and triumph. ....... people working in the local film industry say they suddenly are getting more calls from Hollywood producers ...... Hollywood has consistently "ridiculed our song-and-dance sequences, but when the same is done by a British filmmaker, the world laps it up," he says...... "Four of Slumdog's Oscars were won by Indian technicians," says Palekar. ..... the Pune-based Film & Television Institute of India, which churns out excellent technicians, could be in the limelight. professionals looking for low-cost outsourcing possibilities.
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Slumdog is ok, Delhi 6 not?' Bachchan criticises film critics Hindustan TimesBachchan noted that one critic exulted Delhi 6, starring his son Abhishek Bachchan, as "the greatest piece of cinema seen in a long time"
Big B fumes over 'Delhi-6' reviews Hindu On the eve of the release of 'Slumdog Millionaire' in India, Bachchan wrote that the film had received global recognition because it was made by a Westerner.
Bachchan hails Rahman, Resul on golden win Business Standard
Too much being made of a British movie: Jaya Bachchan Times of India Amitabh Bachchan, writing in his blog, had made strong remarks against the movie to the effect that it was an exhibition of Mumbai's underbelly when such squalor was a reality even in developed countries. It was taken as criticism of the movie for selling the poverty of India, and had triggered a controversy.
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Oscars 2009: the biggest victory ever for British films Times Online, UKOnce upon a time a British film director called Danny Boyle had the brilliant idea of shooting a fairytale in the slums of Mumbai. He was awarded a budget of two shillings and told to sober up. Max Clifford couldn't have crafted a happier ending. On Sunday night in Los Angeles, Slumdog Millionaire lifted eight out of a possible nine Oscars (it was nominated for ten - twice for Original Song). ........ the two biggest prizes in showbusiness: Best Picture, and Best Director ...... David Fincher's tedious fantasy about an octogenarian who grows into a young Brad Pitt won just three awards out of a possible 13 for things such as Best Wrinkles and Receding Hairlines. ..... Slumdog Millionaire is the first film in Oscar history to win Best Picture without a Hollywood star in the cast. It made the heart sing to see the cast of orphans, who were airlifted from Mumbai, tripping up the red carpet. But what's unsettled the Americans is not the Slumdog landslide, which has been gathering an unstoppable momentum since the Golden Globes. It's the painful admission that Hollywood is no longer making the best independent films in the world. ........ He's not just a great director. He's a great human being. He may be useless with big budgets (The Beach). But his guerrilla attitude to film has defined the 2009 awards..... a bitter-sweet feeling for the Slumdog family. This is the last time that they will ever gather together under one roof. For most of them the awfully big adventure is now over. But for a lucky few it might have just begun.
'Slumdog didn't deserved so many Oscars' Times of India, IndiaNow, perhaps Indian artists will be taken more seriously. ...... `Jai Ho!' has become an anthem the world over and it's great for us Indians. It's a celebration of India.
Slumdog scripting brand new history Economic Times, IndiaSome call it the Inflection Point in the history of Indian cinema. Some slam it as Poverty Porn. But in the wee hours of Monday, India’s Cinema
Inc took a giant leap into global markets with Slumdog Millionaire bagging a whopping eight Oscars........ Slumdog’s leading lady Freida Pinto gave away one of the Oscars ..... Smile Pinki, a heart-rending piece of work set in UP’s Mirzapur, romped home as the best short documentary, making it an all-India affair. ...... “Mere paas maa hai,” said Rahman in his acceptance speech, thanking his mother by quoting the immortal line from Salim-Javed’s Deewar. ..... Resul too added to the India rhetoric, “I come from a country and civilisation that have given the universal word... That word is preceded by silence, followed by more silence... That word is Om. So I dedicate this award to my country.” ......Danny Boyle on Aamchi Mumbai, “Just to say to Mumbai, unending, inseparable, unborn, all of you who helped us make the film and all of you who didn’t... Thank you so much. You dwarf even the sky.” ......Slumdog Millionaire may have done for India what Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon did for China nine years ago..... China’s economy was already soaring when Taiwanese-born American director Ang Lee walked away with the best foreign-film Oscar for the Chinese martial arts epic. That was in 2000. ...... A year later, China would join the World Trade Organisation and forever change the global economic order. The Oscar for Lee’s tale of flying monks and magical warriors became a symbol of the surge in West’s admiration for the rise of modern China. .... Other Indian cultural exports such as yoga, herbal cosmetics, the two-minute Rajma curry and Indian fiction in English may also benefit. ....... India’s moment on the world stage