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Obama sets fresh course for 'remaking America' Los Angeles Times
Obama becomes first black US president Reuters
Obamas Head to White House for Coffee After Church Service
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Barack Obama’s protocol-rich ride to the Capitol Christian Science Monitor
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Russia restarts gas, Europe sighs with relief The Associated Press
Obama's Time Has Come CBS News
Colin Powell: ‘More to do,’ MLK would tell Obama MSNBC
Obama 'is no Martin Luther King' Aljazeera.net
Obama at US Capitol Ahead of Inauguration Voice of America
Obama Faces Historically High Expectations U.S. News & World Report
Gov. Bobby Jindal watches inauguration on TV The Times-Picayune - NOLA.com
Texas senator blocks Clinton's state confirmation The Associated Press
No Confirmation Vote for Clinton New York Times
Paterson nears naming Clinton replacement
With Clinton, Obama loses a rival, gains a valuable loyalist Boston Globe
Michelle Obama shines in Isabel Toledo The Associated Press
Aretha Franklin warms up for inauguration The Associated Press
Mobile Penetration Facilitates Economic Growth: ICRIER Report EFYTimes
India warned to boost internet access - study Telecompaper
Teledensity determines states' growth rates: Icrier
Business Standard
Meeting of Arab leaders on Gaza ends in discord The Associated Pres
Embatted Pastor Warren Sets Inclusive Tone ABC News
Joe Biden sworn in as 47th vice president The Associated Press
Poet offers 'praise song' for inauguration day The Associated Press
5 Reasons to Worry About Google Motley Fool
The Plot to Kill Google Wired News
Coupons Clips Google Engineering Director Wall Street Journal
'Slumdog...' is a tribute to Mumbai: Danny Boyle
Indian Express
Bank crisis drags on stocks CNNMoney.com
Qualcomm grabs AMD handheld, graphics tech CNET News
AMD Sheds Handheld Unit As Concerns Loom On Larger Strategy
Cisco Systems to launch server: all-out war with Hewlett-Packard ... Product Reviews
U2’s New Single “Get On Your Boots” Hits iTunes Early Rolling Stone
Spectators crowd the Mall and wireless networks CNET News
Can you hear me now? Maybe ... during inauguration The Associated Press
Wireless networks crushed with traffic MSNBC
Obama sets fresh course for 'remaking America'
Los Angeles Times
Obama Pledges to Restore US Prosperity, Global Prominence FOXNews
Obama to discuss Iraq troop drawdown on Wednesday
Obama Is Sworn In as the 44th President New York Times, United States
How Barack Obama Got To The White House CBS News
Obama Team Makes Early Efforts to Show Willingness to Reach Out to ...
New York Times, United States
Bill Clinton sees less divisive politics under Obama Reuters Bill Clinton said on Monday that American politics over the next 30 years will be marked by a practical, inclusive approach rather than the partisan battles that defined the last 40 years. ..... Democrats' continued dominance is not assured if Republicans take a more inclusive approach, he said.
In Bipartisan Appeal, Obama Praises McCain New York Times, United States
Obama spends day volunteering, night honoring McCain, Powell, Biden Dallas Morning News
McCain says wishes he were taking oath, promises Obama support Reuters
61% in Poll Back Rick Warren as Invocation Pick
Washington Post, United States

Obama plans ambitious first week, aides say CNN a Wednesday meeting with military brass to map out a change to the mission in Iraq ..... issuance of executive orders on .... the detainment of terror suspects....... the Mideast crisis has shot to the top of the immediate agenda. The aides said Obama has been pushing behind the scenes for quick, decisive action, overriding the advice of some aides who believe getting active instantly may raise unrealistic expectations for Mideast peace. ........ mulling several high-profile executive orders that can change U.S. policy with the simple stroke of a pen, particularly major changes to the approach in the war on terror. ...... executive order that would specifically ban the use of torture on terror suspects. ....... communicate directly with the American people that the financial crisis is likely to continue for a long time -- even if his economic recovery plan is passed into law during the first 100 days. .... "We're going to have a tough year, 2009," Obama told CNN in an interview Friday.
New Rampant Windows Worm Seizes 8 Million Business PCs in a Week DailyTech
A conservative hope: Bobby Jindal
Signal Jindal, the son of Punjabi immigrants from India, was born in Baton Rouge in 1971. Legend has it that little Piyush was watching "The Brady Bunch," and was so taken by Bobby Brady that he decided to take the name for his own. ..... Bobby attended Brown University and eventually received a master's degree from New College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar. ....... This guy really understands reforming health care...... a conservative with common sense can win in a heavily Democratic region (shades of California's future?)....... At 36, he is also the youngest current governor in the United States. ..... the first Indian-American in the United States to hold a statewide office....... He consistently supports a pro-life agenda, opposes same-sex marriage and voted to make the Patriot Act permanent. ....... Jindal sponsored the Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act (H.R. 4761), a bill to eliminate a moratorium on drilling on the U.S. Continental Shelf, which prompted an environmental watchdog group to issue him an "environmental harm demerit." ..... Bobby Jindal represents a new, young and exciting conservative face for the Republican Party. ....... Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner's "forgetting" to pay $34,000 in taxes
Obama Inauguration Expected To Break All Records RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty
2010: The Year of the Obama Effect?
Washington Post inspiring 2010 campaigns ...... the lesson from those campaigns is to have a distinct message that allows voters to define you in terms other than race, and he plans to focus on education and economic issues while framing himself as a change candidate
Clinton's Goals Detailed
Washington Post open "America Houses" in cities across the Arab world. These facilities, fashioned after a Cold War-era program, would have Internet libraries, English lessons and stories about Muslims in America. An initiative labeled "America's Voice Corps" would recruit young Americans with language and public diplomacy skills to speak with and listen to people in the area. Completing the package would be a Global Education Fund to provide $2 billion for primary education around the world ....... "deep, verifiable reductions in all U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons, whether deployed or non-deployed, strategic or non-strategic." ..... Clinton and Obama were "committed" to Senate approval of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and would encourage India to join it. ........ a $50 million U.S. contribution for an international nuclear fuel bank so nations with nuclear power plants did not need to have their own reprocessing facilities. ..... there are more American troops stationed abroad than any other nation
US says NKorea will face tough Obama AFP
The Obama difference
Russia, Ukraine sign 10-year gas supply deal Reuters
India-US: advancing a transformed relationship Reuters UK
Canada, UK eye nuclear power deal with India Economic Times
Last-ditch power talks resume in Zimbabwe
CNN International
India’s Tamil Political Leaders Demand End to War in Sri Lanka Bloomberg
Sri Lanka's most wanted Tiger running out of options AFP
China slowdown to prolong Aussie pain Melbourne Herald Sun
Pope Benedict XVI to get his own Google channel Times Online
Google improves its tools for the video ad market IBLNEWS
Soccer's $160 Million Man Forbes
Edgar Allan Poe at 200 New York Times