Bill Clinton Is Still Relevant

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Edwards takes shots at Clinton 'nostalgia' Chicago Tribune casting the 2008 election as "a choice between looking back and looking forward" and warning that "those wedded to the policies of the '70s, '80s, or '90s are wedded to the past." ..... not-so-subtle swipes at the "third way" politics of Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton. .... railed against "a vision for the future that is rooted in nostalgia." ..... "The trouble with nostalgia is that you tend to remember what you liked and forget what you didn't," Edwards said, according to a copy of the speech provided by his campaign. "It's not just that the answers of the past aren't up to the job today, it's that the system that produced them was corrupt -- and still is." ...... We cannot triangulate our way to real change; we cannot compromise our way to real change .... several recent surveys show him slipping ..... he's struggling to match Obama and Clinton in fundraising. ..... "Angry attacks on other Democrats won't improve Sen. Edwards' flagging campaign," Baker said in an e-mail statement. "Sen. Clinton has been fighting for America's families for 35 years and has the experience to lead on day one."

John Edwards needs to calm down. He is not going to be the nominee, he is not going to be president. But if he behaves, he can get a cabinet position in an Obama administration.

An Obama Administration

Bill Clinton is still relevant. And Hillary could be a Senator for decades. That is called being relevant.

It is called making medical advances. 30 years from now Bill Clinton will still be offering his insight into contemporary politics then. He will still be called on by reporters to give his take on people running for president.

Bill Clinton is relevant and healthy and dynamic. Look at the globe trotting he does. I think he works harder now than when he was president. If he retired, noone explained to him the concept.

His work in Africa has been amazing. His personal friendship with Mandela is vastly inspiring. The African American median income went up when he was president. Black America loves him and for good reason. This white boy from Arkansas works as if he is trying to make amends for all the racial sins of his South, past and present.

The truth is a little more basic than that. This guy is a born politician. He just likes meeting people. All sorts of people. If you are a Homo Sapien, he wants to look you in the eye.

Bill Clinton's policies are relevant. He balanced the budget. The next president is going to have to. Some president is going to have to reintroduce the information age and the dot com boom. You can not let go of the wisdom of the earned income tax credit like Edwards seems to have let go. Maybe President Obama will be loved again like President Clinton was by the masses in the poor countries. That loveydobey thing is still relevant.

John Edwards, Voucher Man, Is A Republican

Of course Bill Clinton was and is for publicly financed elections, but while he waited for that to happen, he went ahead and tried and raised more money than the Republicans. What would Jesus do?

Bill Clinton continues to be an inspiration to progressives in America and to progressives around the world.