Hillary Messed Up On Iraq, And Al Qaeda Is Strong, America Insecure

If there is another 9/11 - I hope not, I pray not - but if there is one, it will likely be nuclear. It will be bigger than the 9/11 of 2001. Why? Because the Al Qaeda is stronger today than it was on September 10, 2001. Much stronger. Such an attack would fundamentally destabilize global politics. America will come under enormous internal pressure to hit back. But hit back where? The Al Qaeda prays that the US launch a nuclear attack on Iran. That is what it wants. It sees benefits, anger among Muslims worldwide that it hopes to feed on.

America has spent over $500 billion and over 3,300 American lives to take its eyes off the Al Qaeda. That was the mistake that Bush made and Hillary and Edwards were party to. It is a kind of mistake that you do not get to apologize for.

Iraq is Bush's dumb war that would be slightly palatable if it were only dumb. It has been cruel.

The Al Qaeda is not a state, it never was, does not ever intend to be. It knows it will never be. Steam is not water. Steam is vapor. All Bush had was a boat, so he gladly wade into water. The Al Qaeda does not have allies among Arab governments. If it acquires nuclear material, it will not be from some Arab state, it will be on the black markets of the world, likely the former Soviet Union, and again not from any state.

Afghanistan was a just war. The Taliban was in power in Afghanistan. The Taliban treated the Al Qaeda leadership like state guests. The Al Qaeda struck America. The Taliban refused to hand over the gulity. America hit back. Toppling the Taliban was good, but letting go the Al Qaeda leadership was disaster. For an autocratic organization like the Al Qaeda, both in its thinking and its operations, nabbing, eliminating the leadership is key. Osama has to disappear. There is no other way. The Maoists in Peru were pretty vicious. They were about to take over. But then Gonzalo was captured and put away, and the Maoist insurgency in Peru pretty much disappeared.

Osama crossed into Pakistan, and suddenly he was deemed beyond reach. Why? The part of Pakistan that Osama lives in is not really part of Pakistan although it looks so on the map. Pakistan's central government does not have a presence there.

A successful anti-Al Qaeda operation will have to think like them, move like them, operate like them. The key is to penetrate their central operations. The key is to get Osama himself.

W's mandate was to nab Osama, he instead nabbed Saddam. Thanks to Cheney, most Republicans think Saddam was the one who masterminded 9/11. The two l-o-o-k different, among other things.

Osama is a very new strain of virus. Old antibiotics will not work. Standing armies were cultivated for state enemies. The Al Qaeda is organized to foil technology. Satellites can help, bu they won't go all the way. Human intel is the only way to get to him. And there is not much of an effort.

I keep bringing the swamp and mosquitoes metaphor. The real task is to spread democracy into all Arab countries. And it can be done like clockwork, the progressive way. That is to drain the swamp. But you got to go after the mosquitoes regardless. I wish there were a way to invite Osama to debate and defeat him in debate, but there isn't.

Those who voted for the Iraq War now think they get to apologize by simply being for pulling the troops out. And they are missing the point all over again. Where is your strategy for going after the Al Qaeda? Why will you not apologize for taking the eyes off the Al Qaeda? While you were looking the other way, they grew and grew and grew.

This is about security, that most fundamental of expectations. Hillary messed up big time.

How can you deal with a threat you can not even see?

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Bush Nabbed Saddam, His Mandate Was To Nab Osama

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CBS News June 26-28: HRC 48 / Obama 24 / Edwards 11
May 18-23: HRC 46 / Obama 24 / Edwards 14
Cook/RT Strategies June 21-23: HRC 35 / Obama 24 / Edwards 15
June 15-17: HRC 32 / Obama 22 / Edwards 16
CNN June 22-24: HRC 43 / Obama 25 / Edwards 17
May 4-6: HRC 41 / Obama 27 / Edwards 14
Fox June 26-27: HRC 47 / Obama 21 / Edwards 13
June 5-6: HRC 41/ Obama 26 / Edwards 15
Gallup June 4-24: HRC 41 / Obama 24 / Edwards 14
June 1-3: HRC HRC 37 / Obama 35 / Edwards 13
NBC/WSJ June 8-11: HRC 39 / Obama 25 / Edwards 15
April 20-23: HRC 36 / Obama 31 / Edwards 20
Newsweek June 20-21: HRC 43 / Obama 14 / Edwards 14
Why has Hillary’s lead grown as voters are exposed to all candidates? Debates .... In the June 28 Democratic debate in Washington DC, 27 out of 33 participants in a Luntz Maslansky dial group (81%) said Hillary won, compared with just 2 (6%) for her closest competitor. ....... In the June 8-11 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 61% of Democrats and Democratic primary voters said that Hillary would bring real change to the direction of the country. 56% of voters say that about her nearest competitor.
New Hampshire Primary
June 20-24: HRC 37 / Obama 19 / Edwards 9 / Richardson 9
Feb 24-28: HRC 28 / Obama 26 / Edwards 17 / Richardson 2
South Carolina Primary
June 26-30: HRC 37 / Edwards 22 / Obama 21
May 23-26: HRC 34 / Edwards 30 / Obama 18
Nevada Caucus
June 20-22: HRC 39 / Obama 17 / Edwards 12 / Richardson 7
April 30-May 1: HRC 37 / Edwards 13 / Obama 12 / Gore 9 / Richardson 6
Iowa Caucus
June 26-30: HRC 32 / Edwards 29 / Obama 13 / Richardson 5
April 27-30: HRC 23 / Edwards 27 / Obama 19 / Richardson 5
June 22-24: Edwards 26 / Obama 21 / HRC 20 / Richardson 11
May 18-20: Edwards 29 / Obama 24 / HRC 16 / Richardson 9
Mason-Dixon June 13-16: HRC 22 / Edwards 21 / Obama 18 / Richardson 6
And in the primary states with the most delegates (Florida, New York, California, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio), Hillary has an overwhelming lead.
Florida – Quinnipiac June 18-25: HRC 43 / Obama 16 / Edwards 11 / Richardson 2
California – PPIC June 12-19: HRC 41 / Obama 25 / Edwards 12 / Richardson 3
New York – Siena June 18-21: HRC 43 / Gore 19 / Obama 11 / Edwards 9 / Richardson 1
Ohio – Quinnipiac June 18-25: HRC 40 / Edwards 12 / Gore 12 / Obama 12
Pennsylvania – Quinnipiac June 18-25: HRC 32 / Obama 18 / Gore 16 / Edwards 7
Texas – Texas Lyceum April 26-May 7: HRC 33 / Obama 21 / Gore 10 / Edwards 8 / Richardson 3
CNN June 22-24: HRC 49 / Giuliani 48
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