Winner Of The Debate: YouTube

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YouTube was the clear winner of the Democratic debate earlier. This is great news for Obama 2008 which is the movement candidacy, the grassroots candidacy. The YouTube way we can give voice to the traditionally voiceless. We have to make great use of online video to make our point.

The best line of the evening perhaps came from John Edwards who said, "If there are people out there who will not vote for Barack because he is black, and who will not vote for Hillary because she is a woman, I don't want their vote either."

In The News

Hillary Outflanks Obama The Weekly Standard an especially silly one about whether the candidates would be willing to be paid the minimum wage as president. Most of them lied and said yes. ...... the first of six debates sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee .... Often, though, it was merely unserious, excessively cute, and frivolous. .... Obama, exciting on the stump, was dull in the debate. Mike Gravel seemed quite taken with himself, for no good reason. Dennis Kucinich also exuded enormous self-regard. Edwards oozed insincerity, especially when he said anyone who voted against Clinton because she's a woman or Obama because he's African-American shouldn't vote for him. ...... there's nothing inevitable about Clinton's winning the Democratic nomination .... Clinton has incredibly high negatives. One national poll found recently that 52 percent of Americans said they'd never vote for her for president.
Obama, Clinton clash in YouTube debate Scientific American Clinton pounced on rival Barack Obama on Monday for his willingness to meet with some troublesome world leaders .... The format was designed to force candidates to drop their rehearsed answers and sound bites. .... "I couldn't run as anything other than a woman," Clinton said. "I'm excited that I may be able finally to break that hardest of all glass ceilings."
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Nonprofit may launch $350 laptop by Christmas A nonprofit group that designs low-cost computers for poor children may start selling $350 laptops on the commercial market by Christmas
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Bloomberg Clinton, Obama and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards largely refrained from attacks on each other and set out minor differences in how they would approach the war in Iraq, diplomacy and health care. .... ``The issue is, which of us is ready to lead on day one,'' New York Senator Clinton, 59, said. ``I have 35 years of being an instrument and agent of change, before I was ever a public official.'' ...... ``As I travel around the country, people have an urgent desire for change in Washington,'' said Obama, 45, a senator from Illinois. ``We are not going to fix health care, we're not going to fix energy, we are not going to do anything about our education system unless we change how business is done in Washington.'' ...... questions about health-care the single most frequently asked. ...... ``She is an extraordinarily disciplined candidate, and tonight was a reaffirmation of that discipline,'' Kersh said. ``She's very good at giving responses that are reasonably substantive without giving a lot of sharp angles which opponents can grab on to and get traction to attack her.''
Public Voice Adds Edge to Debate Washington Post underscored the arrival of the Internet as a force in politics. ..... The citizen-interrogators generated the most diverse set of questions in any of the presidential debates to date and challenged the candidates to break out of the rhetoric of their campaign speeches and to address sometimes uncomfortable issues, such as race, gender, religion and their own vulnerabilities. ..... they used the forum to challenge each other more directly than they have in past debates ..... Obama came close to directly criticizing Clinton's support for the Iraq war in 2002, and Clinton contradicted Obama on a question about whether, as president, they would meet with leaders of foreign governments hostile to the United States. ...... In one video, a man played guitar and sang a question about taxes (and then asked whether "one of y'all" could grant him a pardon for a recent speeding ticket). A lesbian couple asked the candidates whether they would allow them to marry. ...... Obama was asked whether he is "authentically black," and said he proved his racial bona fides whenever he tried to hail a cab in New York. ...... she is not "satisfactorily feminine." She responded to laughter, "I couldn't run as anything other than a woman." ..... I think I'm the most qualified and experienced person to hit the ground running in January 2009 .... if she were elected and served two terms, the country would go through 28 years with a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. ...... a man he had met who had waited 50 years to have surgery for a cleft palate. .... Mike Gravel (Alaska) once again played the role of scourge, attacking Obama for the way he has raised money -- a charge Obama quickly sought to rebut -- while complaining that he was being ignored through most of the debate
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